Happy Sunday: The Answer Edition

I had a dream this morning
It ended with a question
The answer was:
“Please God”

I did not remember the question
It was a figment, long gone
The answer was:
“Please God”

A man did speak the answer
A very important man
Spoke the answer:
“Please God”

A voice so crystal, clean clear
A question unknown
And the answer:
“Please God”

It has been a long day of
Getting all that done
The answer still:
“Please God”

I do fly on damaged wings
But I can still fly
To destinations that
Please God
cropped demon chronicles for create space covermaker

Happy Sunday: How Material Things Cause Us To Worry

Sometimes, we are buried in worry. We drown in anxiety and worry when we face uncertainty, threats and insecurity. We worry about the future. We worry when troubles loom ahead and we do not know how things will turn out.

Many times, we beat ourselves over the head and say  “I was worried about something that worked out just fine.” We even worry about our faith that God will provide everything that we need.

Worry comes when our attachment to material and immaterial things defines us and rules our lives. When our posessions, status, peace and happiness are threatened,  we can’t get back to one of the fundamental tenets of our faith:

Don’t worry! Have faith in God. Remember Jesus and how his suffering gave us the gift of our relationship with God. Remember that we have the greatest material possession of all: we have life.

We are supposed to pray in times of trouble. Our prayers have three components: the requests for favors, giving thanks and Praising God.

When we pray this way, we remind ourselves that God never stops giving us blessings. We remember that those blessings are given to us whether we ask for them or not.  We get many blessings from God that we do not even notice or know about!

When we remind ourselves of God’s blessings by praising them, we remind ourselves of  God’s great love for us. We realize that God knows what is best for us and will do what is best for us.

God loves us all and gets us to where we need to be. God moves us for reasons that we may not understand. God cares for us in mysterious ways. God moves us with an invisible hand. When we have fears and worries, we will feel better if we praise, thank, ask in faith, and serve. We will feel better after reminding ourselves that we have the gift of life through Jesus.


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Happy Sunday: Hard Truths Edition

Let us pray for the people who are suffering.

Let us pray for the people who have lost their homes.

Let us pray for innocent men, women and children who have been murdered by twisted and spoiled fools.

Let us pray for those who have been harmed or killed by the acts of liars,  deceivers and self serving manipulators of the people’s trust.

We all know  about someone, somewhere, who is suffering from a grave and unjust loss.

We all know about a serious  wrong that has not been righted.

We all know that an act of nature cannot be concerned about human life.

We all know that the great works and best hopes of many people can be dashed into rubble with no notice and no warning.

Let us never be so arrogant and foolish as to claim that natural disasters are the wrath of God, even when they strike a concentration of  big mouthed people who are than willing to attribute God’s wrath to natural disasters… in other places.

Let us pray for all of the people who are suffering, no matter where they live or whom they may be.

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Happy Sunday

“When Jesus appeared to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, they didn’t recognize him (Luke 24:13-33). They even talked in great length about Jesus, but they didn’t know they were in his very presence. Has Jesus, the resurrected Savior visited you, but you didn’t recognize him?”

-About.com “Resurrection of Jesus Christ”




 “Wonderful Change”


Easter Cantata —Bach


Happy Easter! Happy Sunday! Let us go through a wonderful change today.



Happy Sunday


Today, tens of millions of people are awake and ready. They are waiting for something great to happen. They are cooking special foods and are preparing their homes for great feasts and the ultimate event of the new year.

Some of us are preparing for the Superbowl.  True fans have finally come to this momentous day filled with great hopes and anticipation that their team will win to rule the world of football for one year. They hope and pray that their team will provide them with eternal bragging rights and great stories of heroic feats that led to gridiron glory and honor.


A lot of us could not care less about the Superbowl, either because our teams are not there, to get a taste of honor and glory, or because we hate football and have other things to do on such a fine, fine day.

At any rate, it is still Sunday, and many church leaders will pretend to be tone deaf to other people’s plans for the day. Some church leaders or major players will demand that the parishioners stay under the clutches of the church rather than enjoying the game. The second battle ensues, often with great tactic and hilarity.

Thus, a second great battle will go on between those who intend to watch the Superbowl and those who want to keep people in the clutches of the church, long after the shows of faith, rituals and weekly lessons are done.

We will not discuss the employers who intrude into the Sundays of their employees, sometimes with proper intentions, and sometimes with no idea about the meaning of a weekend off from work.

Many of us will see Sunday as a day of rest and recreation. Some will seek to honor the mythology that God rested on the 7th day.  Others have already taken their rest on Saturday, which was the seventh day that worked perfectly well until Pope Gregory came along and imposed his ideas about calendars on the world.

This makes us wonder why an outdated pope still rules over the length of our calendar month and the number of months in a year!

Many of us will think of God. We try to separate the nonsense from the truth about just what it is that pleases God. We will deal with people who try to convince us that they have the answers. We don’t know whether they have the answers because the final answers have not been given yet.

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Happy Sunday: Happy New Year 2012

 What has been will be again, 
   what has been done will be done again; 
   there is nothing new under the sun.

—Ecclesiastes 1:9


2012 will be the last year for standing up to the evil, greed and opportunism of the charismatic creeps who have ruined our nation and our world.

2012 will be a test for American Christians to reject the wicked agendas that are being pushed by extremist religious leaders. This is the year to start being the people that Jesus taught us to be. We have been wasting and betraying our greatest gift.

2012 must be the year when the majority of the voters step up and vote, not just for themselves and because of themselves, but with respect to the good of the nation and the good of their neighbors. Many will have to step in and help when corrupted local and state governments attempt to deny their enemies the right to vote.

2012 will be a year toward recovery only if  America is willing to do the  hard work needed to express the truth and the whole truth. The lies that the right has been pushing and the pseudo academic arguments that the left has pointlessly engaged in will simply not do.

2012 will be the year of the charismatic creep; the charismatic opportunist; the charismatic bully and the charismatic liar. If America cannot get off of its dependency on charisma, then 2o12 needs to be the year of the charismatic hero, the charismatic savior, and the charismatic leader of the majority of the people.

2012 is the last chance to force the government and the corporations to carry out the will of the  majority of the people. This will be the last year to make it so that the middle class constitutes the majority of the people. This is the last chance to save democracy as we know it. Continue reading

Happy Sunday: A Great Gift Is Coming

It is good to look to the skies and to know the skies at this time when we look forward to  miracles and glory.  This article will combine today’s technology and today’s understanding of the astronomical and astrological portents that surrounded the birth of Jesus.

One of my favorite Hubble photos has always reminded me of the Magi, or the Three Kings of Orient. It is a beautiful thing when the human mind organizes and give representations of the things that we now are able to see.


This photo is called the “Pillars of Creation”. The location in space is the Eagle Nebula.

Saudi Aramco World: The history of the Magi.

“After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east came to Jerusalem.”

Matthew 2:1 –

Then Herod called the Magi secretly and found out from them the exact time the star had appeared.

Matthew 2:7 –

When Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and he gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under, in accordance with the time he had learned from the Magi.

Matthew 2:16 –

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