Happy Sunday Publisher’s Edition

Here it is! It was a long journey and a tough one. I am a published author !

It is amazing how many people want their book in print and in their hands!

This is why self publishers need to consider publishing both:  print and eBook versions.

The Demon Chronicles

The Print Book is right here.

The Kindle Book is right here.

I have written the second volume and it is now in editing mode. The series will carry on through seven volumes. In the process of doing this, I learned some things that can help other writers who plan to self publish.

The first tip:  Go ahead and Self Publish.

Not self publishing is the biggest roadblock to self publishing. This sounds stupid, but is  actually very wise.

When a person publishes even a small book of short stories, poems, inspirations or photographs, a huge and exaggerated emotional barrier comes down for good.

The lessons are learned, the self defeat evaporates and the road to more self publishing is wide open!


Now I have to work on summarizing my series. This has not been easy!

It begins with three fractured, damaged and reluctant heroes who are dragged deeper and deeper into a world of love, more love, demons, stealth and crimes.

The demons are people who started role playing as demons and then forgot that they were once human. They have gone around the bend and are starting to cause a lot of havoc.

The series begins with the most shocking  murder scene in fiction, makes the reader fall in love with the great characters and hooks the reader on the twisting plots.

What is the scary part? We can’t rationalize this  grown up horror tale away.

While the people in this story are not real demons, the fake demons in this story are  real people.

Those people may live and walk amongst us, and that is enough to keep us awake at night!

Doing a series of novellas is different than putting it all into one book!

The second volume was harder because I had to refresh the reader about Volume I while carrying on with the story and adding in new characters.

Why did my characters come to love each other so much and to love with such a twist? Who are all these new people and why are they together? Did I just read that this one loves that one…and that one too?

I had to keep up with the main themes of love, more love, stealth demons and crimes that started in the first book  and will carry all the way through to the seventh book.

It is important to wrap up or continue all events, developments and characters. It is very easy to start a side story or a new character, then forget all about them! Seven Basque imps? Fallen angels? Yep. If there are demons, then those creatures are likely to be part of the mix too.

It gets important to remember every number, quantity, relationship and action, because the writer can forget exactly how much money, how many crates, why, who did what to whom,  and when who did it!

The FBI agent illegally looted an extra 24 boxes or so of evidence? Another FBI agent runs errand for the mob? Of course it can happen. The delicious task is for the writer to create a good reason why or how it happens.

Readers will not forget those details and they will not miss the mistakes, so neither should the author!

How to build a very  easy website:  This was part of my amateur book marketing and writer’s benefit project, so Here is my example.

I did not want my site to be just for hawking my book, so visitors  will find a couple of great articles on how to do a book cover and how to find a web building site!

I needed a website and kept balking at getting bogged down in such a tough project.

I found out that websites are now  as easy as setting up this blog.  Amazing.

My website is built with jimdo, which is the highest rated, but there are many other website builders. Do shop around and find the best website builder for your needs.

As always, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable site and that you actually need a set of features before you pay for anything!

Happy Sunday! I hope I have inspired at least one person to go ahead, realize that dream and get something copyrighted and published.


What It Means To Become A Published Author

Allright! So I am self published at Amazon Kindle, a hotbed of bad writing.

The Amazon Kindle version of the  book is featured on my Facebook page:

THE DEMON CHRONICLES, VOLUME I, Lovers of mine do fly on damaged wings.

I am still waiting for the print proof, which will take some time. I cannot wait to get a stack of real books to look at while I figure out how not to sell them!

I am not a bad writer and my book is in the mix now.  I have been a web writer for most of a decade and have been published in many places.  See my Twitter feed to the right for my news and other articles!

This is my first actual book. It is a novella, which is officially between 30,000 and 40,000 words.

My first literary offering is Volume I  in a series of  7 novellas. This series will carry the reader through tales of role players who forget that they are playing; through the fractured and reconstructed lives of three unique and engaging heroes; and to the final destination. The first book is heavy on character development and establishing the major themes that will run throughout the series.

The story begins with a murder so horrible that this tale is not for the kiddies. Then it takes the reader and the heroes through developments that shock, stun, and generate real laughter. This is why the tag is:

“A story of love, more love, demons, stealth and crimes.”

The setting is San Francisco, California. The story goes around the world to London, Cornwall, the Greek Isles and will include parts of Europe where I have lived or visited.

The characters all come together from different parts of the world, but they are guided toward love and friendship with each other  in ways that are suspiciously convenient for someone or some force in the universe.

There is plenty of  action in the book, too.

Are the events supernatural in origin or are they just serendipity? It is up to the reader to get the  book and find out!

For those who want to publish at Amazon Kindle or CreateSpace without spending a dime!

The process is a burdensome one, but the author who sticks with it and survives the frustrating process, the rewards are tremendous. There are more than enough blogs and posts with help, both at the sites and at places like Hub Pages.

The manuscript has to be single spaced, paragraphs indented by default (not by tabbing the first line over), and there are no spaces between paragraphs.

The mansuscript page size has to be formatted to fit the size that you chose for your printed book. I chose 6″ x 9″ and set up my manuscript page for that size.

Simply corral the word processor and set the page size to 6″ x 9″ if that will be the size of your book. Then upload to create space, read the alerts and notes,  play with the margins, and keep uploaded until the text fits properly.

 CreateSpace is for getting printed books. Kindle is for e-books that go on Amazon Kindle.

ISBN: These are International Standard Book Numbers, and they cost a bundle.  This number identifies your unique book and only your unique book.  It is important for the book industry, especially when titles are the same or very much alike. Amazon will give one for free, but it is good only for Amazon. I was so broke that I took the free one.

The Book cover For Kindle: I imagine that there is a way to do a back book cover for the e-book, and will have to work that out later. I just used a front cover that I had already designed. This was done at Photobucket PRO, which has an incredible new photo editing software. I simply sized a photo that I took with my HTC Thunderbolt at 8 mp.

Then I used the text option, found a font that I liked, and put the simple words on the photo.  Then I downloaded it, converted it to PDF, and it is now at Kindle as the cover!

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