Happy Sunday: The Answer Edition

I had a dream this morning
It ended with a question
The answer was:
“Please God”

I did not remember the question
It was a figment, long gone
The answer was:
“Please God”

A man did speak the answer
A very important man
Spoke the answer:
“Please God”

A voice so crystal, clean clear
A question unknown
And the answer:
“Please God”

It has been a long day of
Getting all that done
The answer still:
“Please God”

I do fly on damaged wings
But I can still fly
To destinations that
Please God
cropped demon chronicles for create space covermaker

Happy Sunday: Let Us Not Be Stupid Edition




There is a war on religion and there are religions who have declared war on all of us. If atheists are not offending anyone and anything that smacks of religion, deviant and extremist religious groups are infuriating everyone who cannot tolerate their despicable behavior being attached to the name and will of God.

Satirists, artists, musicians, comedians, politicians and pundits manage to bombard us with a daily litany of anti or pro religious offense. There is a daily practice of attack and response. All of this is designed so that the combatants can run behind their right to “freedom of speech” when they go too far.  The problem is that they are compelled to go farther,  to sink lower and to barge into more offensive territory in order to get attention, power and, oh yes, money!

Muslims take a lot of heat because the more stupid and malignant ones have called for acts of hatred, murder and sadistic torture as acts that are supposed to please and be rewarded by God. When did God say that it was alright for us to bury helpless women, then stone them to death, to murder your own children, and to force children into slavery and marriages of rape and abuse?

Christians are notorious for doing just as much, if not far more wrong, and they just hate that someone else is doing the same things on a grander scale than ever before.

Other religions and mystic practices are so inward thinking and self serving that the narcissism makes the practitioners useless to the world, yet the same message of superiority over others is still there.

Atheists are not that well received in the world and they are lashing out more than ever.



So what is fueling this battlefield of offense, more offense and egregious self defense? Standard marketing and/or political organizing tactics that are known to move herds of weak minded and weak spirited people in one direction or another, that’s what.

Those tactics work to drag religion and spirituality into a battlefield where opposing dogmatic groups scramble to collect the largest collection of scraps: scraps of dominance, bits of power…and piles of money of course. It is always about money!

The Koch Brothers will go down in history as the engine of fake “grassroots” groups who push fake crises after obvious lie. President Obama is a Muslim. Let’s  make a chicken sandwich that is offensive to Gays. Gays, label anyone who criticizes you or fails to support you as anti-Gay. Christian deviants, show up and behave like monsters at soldier’s funerals and use abortions as your excuse.  Racist religious deviants,  support those who stalk and murder black children. Work hard to keep your own family of psychopaths, child beaters, and child predators out of prison.

Are any of you capable of finding any fault within yourselves? Have you lost the capability because there would be no  power, attention or money in confession and repentance?

Let the NRA run our government, then lie and call the Fast and Furious program a failure. The only failure came when the NRA would not allow the government to prosecute those who were captured under Fast and Furious. Keep perverting your concept of the  “second amendment”  until you kill yourselves  or are killed with your own overstuffed collections of weapons and ammunition.


How did the world get away from the fact that our God has already told us what will please or displease him?

We know that wagging a cross and bible around while doing evil is a worse offense to God than a failed faith. Keep doing evil while you wag that bible and cross, then see how you fare standing next to the poor fool you killed, abused or looked down upon when you had a chance to do better.

Stop doing battles that should never have started and get back on the right path. Those of us who are not doing battle, do not start doing battle on the side of wrong and evil. Everyone else, stay out of the way of the good because God put us and all of this together and God can take us and all of this apart.


Happy Sunday! Just a Closer Walk with Thee

Just A Closer Walk With Thee 

Just a closer walk with Thee,
Grant it, Jesus, is my plea,
Daily walking close to Thee,
Let it be, dear Lord, let it be.

I am weak, but Thou art strong,
Jesus, keep me from all wrong,
I’ll be satisfied as long
As I walk, let me walk close to Thee.

Through this world of toil and snares,
If I falter, Lord, who cares?
Who with me my burden shares?
None but Thee, dear Lord, none but Thee.

When my feeble life is o’er,
Time for me will be no more,
Guide me gently, safely o’er
To Thy kingdom’s shore, to Thy shore.

Mahalia Jackson

Happy Sunday: Right and Wrong Edition

This is a time to think about our concept of right and wrong. The ideas of sin, mortal sin, unforgivable sin and other guilt inducing things are ideas that burden us each and every day if we are healthy and normal. These are the ideas that make us human. The burden is to not do things that are bad for ourselves, bad for others, bad for our communities, and bad for our world. The extreme right wing in America has taken on a unique role in society, and that is to do as much evil, think as much evil and demand as much evil as possible. But the right wing has a serious mental illness:  People who have taken up with this wing of politics have entered a psychopathic state, where there is no guilt, no remorse, no ability to take responsibility for doing and for advocating wrong, no empathy, and no love. The extreme left wing appears to be so scattered and unfocused that it has made itself useless. The left wing of any nation has many ideas, notions and behaviors that are no healthier than those of the extreme right, but is good for thinking of the well being of those who cannot fight for themselves or who have little or nothing. The middle is just that; a balance between the two extremes of politics where humans do not completely adhere to any dogmatic and extreme agenda, but pick and choose those elements that make the most sense to them or that satisfy their moral and ethical makeup. This is how we have Christians who can support tolerance for  gays and are more than glad to go to war. The truth is that this is a mix and match political life for a truly healthy person.  Here are some of my understandings of right and wrong in relation to the only set of laws that apply with a universal force over everything that a Christian does and every day that a Christian lives. The laws are clear but the evil is in the details. As we get immersed in the vast complexities of life and living, we get farther and farther away from the ten simple laws. The Bible gives us our ultimate guide to what is right and wrong. We have a brilliant guide, but that guide has been overworked and made into a twisted tool used by those who want power, money and control. They have no intention of leading good and moral lives, themselves, yet they want to impose morality on us. I am talking about the extremist and deviant religions that have cropped up and taken power over our nations.   It is time to review the greatest moral guide ever written. It can apply to anyone, regardless of their beliefs. The  first and third commandments come with my  highest recommendations, of course.

No other God before God:

Last week, this blog was about serving two masters. The right wing has many masters, and has come to hate the laws of God and the teachings of Jesus. Why is this? Because the laws of God and the teachings of Jesus get in their way. The right wing loves money, power over the rest of the world, and their self serving,  twisted versions of religion. They have put other gods before God.

The best evidence is in the way that the right wing constantly tries to get us all to hate each other.

Graven images:

This commandment was written at a time when early converts to Judaism (there was no Christianity yet) still followed hundreds of other gods. There so many gods that  practically every household had its own household god!

The tradition was to make statues, idols and other symbols of those other gods, then to give these objects supernatural powers.

Today, we could argue that overdoing it with the fish symbol, flashing crosses all around, plastering a religious reference  onto everything we own, and giving the bible supernatural powers are acts of creating graven images. Wearing these things, waving them  around, and putting them on our car bumpers is a waste of time.

Such symbols become graven images when they lead people away from God and toward the  attention seeking control freak.

Taking the Name of the Lord in Vain:

We better want God to really damn something if we  say those words. We had better watch out when we attach the name of God to something. The religious right has gotten stupid enough to attach the name of God to evil, selfish and greedy agendas.

The religious right had better watch themselves, because God  is watching all of us.

Atheists who disrespect or preach against God had better watch out. They have no more right to be intolerant and hateful of Christians than the extreme religious right has to hate atheists.

Remembering the Sabbath and Keeping the Day Holy:

Some religions take a day that the pagan Romans named after The Roman god of agriculture: Saturn.  Others take a day that the pagan Romans named after the Sun and a pagan holiday.

Whatever they are named, these two days are perfectly fine for making our best efforts to get closer to God, to thank God, worship God and imitate Jesus as best we can. We imitate God by taking off from work and resting ourselves. We honor and respect God and give God joy in us. We honor Jesus and take some time to study his teachings.

The sabbath can be so fabulous that we start the next work week with a fresh relationship with God and a fresh understanding of our role in the whole business. This is right.

After that, the process can get downright sick and silly.  This is wrong.

Honor thy Father and Mother:

This should not be difficult to understand! But the right wing wants to get rid of the elderly because they cost too much. How about forcing women to bear children even if they were raped? How many of the extreme right have murdered, abused and  abandoned their own fathers and mothers and worse.

There is no honor in that.

Some people were horribly abused by their fathers and/or mothers. Others got more grief from their parents than they ever caused for their parents to suffer. Such people should not be forced to carry monsters around on their shoulders while everyone else cheers.

Each person who has been horribly abused and mistreated by one or more parents must figure out how to carry this law. The most helpful acts include getting healing for the self, forgiving, showing compassion, and showing basic respect for their ancestors who lived, reproduced or adopted, and brought their children up with enough ability to repeat the cycle of life.

Other children are spoiled. They take everything they can get from their parents, then neglect them or mistreat them in return. That is wrong.

The rest have traumas, bitterness and problems that are not as extreme. It is fine to remember the part of our parents that are good and loving, and to let those parts be our guides.

We know what it means to honor our mothers and fathers.

Thou shalt not kill:

The same Torahs and bibles that contain the ten commandments also contain detailed instructions on how to kill animals for sacrifice or food, is full of stories about people killing and being killed, and serve to confuse the heck out of us.

No wonder people find any number of excuses for killing while they wave their bibles around.

The right wing religious cabals are being held to account for their chicken hawk calls for war, for executing innocent people, murdering people of color and for urging the unstable to kill their enemies. Worse, the right wing is infamous for letting their own murderers walk free.

The religious right pushes crooked and deadly injustice and uses hatred to justify killing.

Worse, the religious right has a million excuses for not even keeping their own women and children safe from abuse and murder.

The right wing has a cowardly and deviant obsession with making the deadliest weapons possible and with getting as rich as they can from selling those weapons to our enemies.

Right wing extremists have blood on their hands and need to account for: planning to kill, legalizing murder for themselves, and for calling on others to go out and kill. They advocate killing in order to get their way.

All across the political spectrum, humans continue to be good at killing.

The goal that is set by this commandment is: fight the urge to kill and do not incorporate the urge to kill into political or religious dogma!


Are you kidding? When people get married in a religious ceremony, they promise God that they will not commit adultery!

 What a self deluded and arrogant bunch of people! Who are they to promise that they can keep their boastful and grandiose promises? Why don’t they simply ask God for strength and support rather than to write checks that they cannot cash?

Anyone who sleeps  around outside of their marriage is an adulterer, and plenty of humans across the moral and religious spectra commit adultery as a fact of life.

The extreme right is full of adultery, but lies about it and whines instantly when they are caught at it. The left commits adultery and can be equally stupid and crooked about it.

The sin of adultery is a sin that married people commit. Unmarried people are not supposed to be promiscuous, to sell sex for money, or to go to bed with married people.

That is it.

Thou Shalt Not Steal:

People from across the political spectrum steal from the taxpayer,  embezzle from businesses, cheat people, and rob individuals. This is a human condition.

The wisdom of this law is that it guides us to do the right thing and the good thing. Otherwise there would be constant robbery, back and forth. People would be so focused on stealing or being robbed that they would not have time to do any of the work that ensures their survival.

But the extreme right wing has stolen the most in the history of the world and  has stolen in the most universal way. This faction has stolen from the nations and boldly announces that it intends to steal some more.

The extreme right wing needs to be stopped from looting any more from our treasury, from our markets, and from our people who are in need.

Bearing false witness:

The President has been libeled, slandered, and falsely accused of not being a citizen of the United States. He has been rudely and disrespectfully told that he practices a religion that he does not practice.

The extreme right wing lies glibly and persistently, then stubbornly refuses to answer when confronted about the lies.

Right wing religious leaders have borne false witness hundreds of thousands of times. They need to admit that they lied and resolve to never do it again, but they are psychopaths. There is no repair for the extreme or even moderate right.

Right wing operatives like Andrew Breitbart  deliberately doctored videos, published outright lies, and conspired with major media outlets like CNN and FOX to distribute the lies. This damaged individuals like Shirley Sherrod and the ACORN  organization, a group that committed no wrong. Fortunately, ACORN still exists and is doing fine, and Shirley Sherrod is doing fine.

Even top right wing political celebrities like Donald Trump, Barbara Bachmann and Mitt Romney will lie boldly and glibly. They stubbornly refuse to admit that they lie, and will pile on even more lies in order to dodge responsibility.

The veteran’s funeral protesters are stupid enough to publicly commit false witness when they protest abortions. They bear false witness against dead soldiers who had nothing to do with abortion, who were someone’s husband or wife, or who were parents who left children behind. No manner of excuse making will redeem these religious deviants who exploit rights to protest by bearing false witness against soldiers who sacrificed their lives.

Thou Shalt Not Covet

Throughout history, extremist religions have obsessed over what other people have, and have sought to take as much as they could for themselves. Today’s religious right in America is no different. This corporate sponsored cabal empowers and enriches itself in the name of fake religious dogma and at the expense of the majority of Americans.

That is wrong.

The religious right covets the power to control our government, treasury,  people,  and lands. The religious right covets the lands, wealth and people of other sovereign nations.

The religious right has lied, murdered, cheated and stolen in order to suck the law out of our law, destroy our nation for good, and start a deadly civil war just for the power and the thrill of it.

That is wrong.


How those who believe in God interpret and apply the ten most useful and powerful guide to moral and ethical behavior in existence is up to each believer. The warning is to stay with these laws and to not let anyone or any interpretation lead us away from them.

The rest of America,  especially the extreme left wing,  has failed to fight the religious right, to prevent them from having influence over our government, and to get them out of our bedrooms, businesses and lives.

That is wrong.

What is that the rest of America covets, condones or bears false witness about that they will allow such evil to become a ruling force? We had better confront this problem, because we haven’t seen anything like the  trouble and tribulation that lies ahead.

Happy Sunday: The Evil ones Who Know What is Best for Us

The religious right has been using tortured and fake dogma and biblical references to tell us that we should meet their demands.  Since the religious right gets its money from the Koch Brother’s, then the religious right wants them to write our laws and run our nation.

It all begins with ALEC, a tool of the Koch Brothers.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC ) intimidates, bribes, extorts and controls who gets elected at the state level in this nation. This article, “Inside the ALEC Dating Service”  describes how the right wing has dictated to America’s  elected officials.

The Koch Brothers have a comprehensive program for changing American government, politics, markets and society to suit their purposes.

The Koch Brothers Exposed is a film that will be released by streaming video on May 8. There will be screenings all over the United States, and the website has the locations. Also DVDs are for sale. Everyone should know about this film and about these men.

Tim Phillips is the Koch Brother’s most powerful operative in the United States. Phillips  built the largest fake grassroots organization in history:  “Americans For Prosperity”.  Americans for Prosperity pushes Koch Brother’s money out to a huge number of  even more fake grassroots organizations.

The Deviant and Extremist Religious Right.

The Freedom Federation, the American Family Association, the Family Research Council, and Concerned Women for America, as well as such groups as Generals International and Morningstar Ministries are tied to the Koch brothers and to Tim Phillips.  After all, money is power. The deviant right wing religious leaders  are after all of the money and power they can grab.

Tim Wildmon  brings the president into his diatribes. He wants a white, male president who is also a religious leader. Forget about separation of church and state.

Here is a survey of the deviant religious right’s money fueled agenda from Alter Net. It is titled “Exposing The Christian Right’s New Racial Playbook“.

Summary: We cannot serve two masters.

These evil and destructive forces lost sight of the truth: They cannot serve God, the nation, and the Koch Brothers. They have learned to love one and to hate the others. And God is not the one they love.

Happy Sunday: How Material Things Cause Us To Worry

Sometimes, we are buried in worry. We drown in anxiety and worry when we face uncertainty, threats and insecurity. We worry about the future. We worry when troubles loom ahead and we do not know how things will turn out.

Many times, we beat ourselves over the head and say  “I was worried about something that worked out just fine.” We even worry about our faith that God will provide everything that we need.

Worry comes when our attachment to material and immaterial things defines us and rules our lives. When our posessions, status, peace and happiness are threatened,  we can’t get back to one of the fundamental tenets of our faith:

Don’t worry! Have faith in God. Remember Jesus and how his suffering gave us the gift of our relationship with God. Remember that we have the greatest material possession of all: we have life.

We are supposed to pray in times of trouble. Our prayers have three components: the requests for favors, giving thanks and Praising God.

When we pray this way, we remind ourselves that God never stops giving us blessings. We remember that those blessings are given to us whether we ask for them or not.  We get many blessings from God that we do not even notice or know about!

When we remind ourselves of God’s blessings by praising them, we remind ourselves of  God’s great love for us. We realize that God knows what is best for us and will do what is best for us.

God loves us all and gets us to where we need to be. God moves us for reasons that we may not understand. God cares for us in mysterious ways. God moves us with an invisible hand. When we have fears and worries, we will feel better if we praise, thank, ask in faith, and serve. We will feel better after reminding ourselves that we have the gift of life through Jesus.


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Happy Sunday: Are We Really Supposed To Be That Stupid?

It is one thing to live in faith that God will take care of things. It is helpful to chalk up bad things to God’s  will. But it is another thing entirely to live with blinders on; so stubborn that we encourage everyone around us to do the same.

We know that it is wrong to watch neighborhood children playing with matches and to not step in. We vote because we have fought wars for the right to vote. We are pitifully ineffective in protecting children from abuse or bad parenting. We have let predators, racists and opportunists to rule our land.

We have allowed the bad guys to write the laws and we have pointedly ignored our broken contract with the good guys. Our soldiers have put their lives on the line for our global and misguided ambitions, yet we cannot seem to honor our contract to take care of them when they come home.

We allow babies and very young girls to dress and prance around in sick and disturbing ways, whining that “it’s funny” or “we like this, so we do it.”

It is better to have some discomfort now than to suffer great disaster and regret later. Do not worrying about choosing battles. It is too late for choosing. Worry about being able to see the battlefields at all.

The examples that follow are just that, examples. It is up to each person to take a local and personal look around to see where the self indulgent, the evil, the opportunists and the predators have gone way too far in grabbing power and dictating their agendas to the rest of us.


Child beauty pageants and dance groups that allow increasingly adult levels of sexual content:

“The sexualisation of children can pose developmental harm and there’s not a single good thing that can come out of the “circus” of pageantry,”

“Direct participation and competition for a beauty prize conveys messages relating to the desirable self, social and personal value and shapes emotional and psychological development.”

“Infants and girls are objectified and judged against sexualised ideals.”

“Anger about child beauty pageants has heightened after the controversial US television show, Toddlers and Tiaras, aired in Australia.”

—The Sydney Morning Herald

This is an area that we think of as a stupid waste of time. We think that only a small number of dysfunctional people, confined to backward regions of the nation, get involved in pageants. That is not true. Pageants are a big money industry and the participants are stubborn about having the gratification that they get from participating.

Here is the problem: child kidnapping and murder is on the rise and we know it. Any public forum that puts children on display with bizarrely advanced sexuality is adding fuel to the fire. If movies, music, games and more can be monitored and rated, then it should not be hard to get some oversight and regulation for pageants and dance competitions.

These pageants and dance programs need to be supervised, sanctioned, and regulated to prevent them from getting even more out of control.  Televised reality shows involving young children need to be regulated and censored to stop the madness of putting children on display as sexual creatures who are not even treated as human beings.


“In-Your-Face” racists who have made advances into academics, mainstream entertainment and news media. This kind of discourse resonates with far too many Americans who hide their beliefs while they make biased hiring, firing, supervisory, academic and other decisions. Nothing will ever get rid of America’s overall love of racism and this will continue to be a polarizing force between increasingly hostile camps.

The only thing that can be done is to identify racists and to put a spotlight on their ideas. It is up to people to decide whether they want to vote for them, work for them, hire them, live near them,  attend or send the kids to their schools, pay for their products, or watch their news shows.



“Stand your ground” laws and their enforcement have effectively allowed local governments and courts to apply the law in ways that are hideously inappropriate and unfair. This makes the law illegal. Laws must be clearly understood, applied uniformly and fairly,  and cause no more harm than they prevent. In many states, boilerplate law was written by ALEC, an unelected and unaccountable group. These laws were pushed through without appropriate debate, judicial or legal review, public input, or challenge.

Make pre written “boilerplate laws” illegal. Make the legislatures write their own laws from scratch. Impeach or petition for repeal when the law cannot meet the standards. Make secret meetings illegal. Require transcripts of all ALEC style meetings to be recorded and made public. 


The Occupation movement has been stopped from assembling in many cities. This goes beyond a reasonable and legal right to break up illegal occupations. Protesters are not even being allowed to assemble.  At the same time, local and regional police have developed combat like attitudes and carry military grade weapons.

Law enforcement is being increasingly militarized, but without the required military training, discipline, command and control, or rules of engagement. There is no punishment for misconduct, breaking the law and police rioting. So called “anarchists” commit violent actions that trigger and justify acts of  “police rioting”. These well trained and well organized rogues have long been suspected of actually being police or government operatives.

The result has been overly violent and aggressive conduct on the part of police operatives without legal consequence or proper judicial review. There is a combat attitude and there is no longer any intent to protect the rights and safety of American protesters.

Demand local and state wide laws and rules that clarify the rights and obligations of protesters. Set up uniform procedures and rules for police operatives. Establish better training, command and control of militarized police agencies. Demand that regional and community aid police comply with the city’s rules and policies.  Set up public oversight committees to review and report on all types of police conduct, good and bad. Prohibit  police tactics like refusing to respond to other emergencies, then using the protests as an excuse. 



The ALEC government rules this nation, but so do the the drug cartels, the corporations, the NRA and shady or fake right wing “grassroots” organizations. Unelected entities are dictating to our government. The will of the people no longer has an influence on lawmaking or judicial review.

As a result, much of our nation’s policy and law is being devised by unknown and unelected powers in ways that have been overriding the will of the people.  Elected representatives find that their opposition cannot be heard. The goal is to stop the secret, backroom and boilerplate legislation movement.

Petition to prohibit the NRA, ALEC, Right wing think tanks and other shadowy groups from secretly meeting with and influencing legislators. Petition and force state and local legislators to record and release the records of  all meetings with private groups that seek to influence or create new legislation.  Keep track of these groups and monitor their influence on our lawmakers. Make it a federal felony for a politician to take contributions of drug cartel money, no matter how well laundered it is.


Michigan and Wisconsin have become  testing  grounds for totalitarian government tactics. Look for versions of Wisconsin’s  Public Act 4 to show up in more states. This law appears to be legal and some residents actually claim to believe that the actions will help their  cash strapped cities. 

Wisconsin’s Republican legislature and governor colluded to pass Public Act 4 after the law was pushed by right wing think tanks.  Troubled cities were  stripped of their rights to their run their own governments. Appointed  leaders were put in place.

The problems with these schemes is that a law like Public Act 4 can be used on cities that are predominantly populated by opposition party voters, the poor, the unemployed, people of color, and other unwanted voters.  Since the state legislatures and governors are in charge of revitalizing local economies, they have the power to suppress economic recovery, then take control over whole cities, citing municipal mismanagement. The outcomes of these schemes include:

Immediate removal of the elected mayors and other elected and public officials.

Appointing and paying confederates to exercise complete and unrestricted control over the affected cities.

Using the power to  eliminate or cancel union and collective bargaining agreements.

Privatizing city operations and enriching confederates and political cronies by handing out lucrative contracts without oversight or public control.

The power to declare a crisis, to shut down polls, and to turn away voters on election day.

Virtual dictatorial powers over the affairs of the cities and the residents who have been taken over.

Flint, Pontiac, Benton Harbor,  Ecorse, and the Detroit and Highland Park school districts have been taken over. The city of Detroit is next in the Wisconsin Republican right wing’s sights.

Look for the same attempts in our own states. Find out which organizations are filing lawsuits to stop such laws and support them. Find out what is actually going on in the cities that are affected, and look for loopholes or fine print that would give right wing Republicans chances to disenfranchise even more opposition voters for state and federal elections.


In summary, these are only a few of the dysfunctions that we have allowed, are allowing, or may even be celebrating.

We know that these things are wrong, no matter what our political positions, religious beliefs, or moral stances are.

It is time to take a serious look now and do something before it is too late to say or do anything about it all.  Find a peeve and work on fixing it, but do not ignore the problem.