About Who Am I?

I used to be an amateur writer with several posts under my belt. Now I am a published writer, with many articles at Helium.com as Elizabeth M. Young .  

The Prologue and first two chapters of my novel, “The One Thing” is at   Xenonlit, The Writer..

I’ve done so many jobs, adventures, and escapades, that my blogs tend to go all over the place, and so do my comments. Former Air Force Officer, UC Berkeley Undergrad, Perpetual Grad School dropout, former Airline management drone, statistics goon, and performer/artist/musician.

This is the second song in my “Gold Country Suite” called “Chevy On the Levy”

I am permanently sick as a dog with plenty of time to write, to compose music and to imagine.  But there is sadly no room for painting right now.

Today, I am not putting up with being stuck anywhere in life. I appreciate having multiple places to go and finding multiple writings to read.

For my name, I was intrigued by the mere existence of Xenon Gas. It’s a noble gas that does not bond well with other elements.  So there’s the name in a nutshell.

I love taking photos and doing photo blogs under the titles “Take a Trip With Me” and “Jungleburbia”

My painting is in the header: Acrylic on canvas, “In The Heavently Garden” 1989


15 thoughts on “About Who Am I?

  1. LOL I like the story behind the name–nothing too flashy, and it almost made me go look up the gas, but it’s 2:19 AM, so I just can’t make that happen.

    “Perpetual grad school drop out?” What did you study in undergrad that apparently did you no good as a grad student?

    • I’m new to this site, so I hope that this gets to you somehow, Sundjata! I am going to work on my blog theme. The one that I have doesn’t seem to accept widgets at all! But I love the elegant simplicity of that theme. Have to give it up, I guess. I just started adding tags and checking categories.

      As for my writing, I’m all over the place. One day it’s a poem, another day, it’s a survey of an important event. With events, I like to provide the basics, with links so a person can get an understanding. My reward comes in the comments to my topical posts.

      I want to say Thanks for being my first commenter and friend here! It’s a really lonely place, compared to where I have been.

  2. Okay, so I’ve skimmed through a few of your posts, and I’d like to comment (and I probably will), but first, how about a widget or two allowing me to navigate a little easier so that I can see what you’ve been up to rather than scrolling endlessly?

    More importantly, have you ever met an individual whose gender was so ambiguous that you could not tell what they were? You end up spending all of your time just trying to solve that mystery. You can’t even engage in whatever the hell “Pat” or “Chris” is talking about because you don’t know what “Pat” or “Chris” is. That’s how it is for me with your blog. I need some background info on you in order to know where you’re coming from. Then I will know just how free and open I can be here.

    Now, you didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion, but your post in the “plug your blog” was right above mine, and I’m not gonna bother to visit anyone else’s, so you’re getting it all buddy! Peace!

  3. I got it. I just had to subscribe to those posts. Okay, I see that you are just a little bit newer than I am.

    AN ABSOLUTELY GREAT blog about wordpress with TONS of info that really helped me is Time Thief’s blog. Which theme did you have? It was very simple and elegant. I didn’t know they had themes with no widgets (two months ago I didn’t know what a “widget” was lol).

    Where else have you been blogging?

    • As you can see, I rarely check my e-mail! Sorry to be so late in replying. Hopefully, I will get my act together. Thanks for your kind comments and message!

  4. Hi Zuma,
    I’m here!!

    (Which may tell you a lot but tells me nothing at all!)

    They’ve got me stashed where they keep all the newbies so I suppose you’ll find me there. I’ll be the one with a dumb look on his face, wandering around looking like he is really, really in need of someone to hold his hand and rub his belly (the belly rubbing part comes from my other life in which I am a kitten) and feed him some catnip.

    This may not be the best way to communicate with you here so don’t feel bad if you want to delete it. I won’t. It’s just the only way I know to leave you a note……..Skypixie (OS), scribblerlarry(here)

  5. For Sundjata and others: There is such a thing as professional standards in citizen journalism.

    The point is not to say so much about the writer as it is to say the most possible about the topic. That’s why this page is here and that is why I have FINALLY and lately done it right (May, 2011).

    Sundjata had read the page when it was just a minimal shell. Now it is more filled out. I hope that visitors can get more of a picture of me here, and not always as a distraction in my posts.

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