Happy Sunday: Let Us Not Be Stupid Edition




There is a war on religion and there are religions who have declared war on all of us. If atheists are not offending anyone and anything that smacks of religion, deviant and extremist religious groups are infuriating everyone who cannot tolerate their despicable behavior being attached to the name and will of God.

Satirists, artists, musicians, comedians, politicians and pundits manage to bombard us with a daily litany of anti or pro religious offense. There is a daily practice of attack and response. All of this is designed so that the combatants can run behind their right to “freedom of speech” when they go too far.  The problem is that they are compelled to go farther,  to sink lower and to barge into more offensive territory in order to get attention, power and, oh yes, money!

Muslims take a lot of heat because the more stupid and malignant ones have called for acts of hatred, murder and sadistic torture as acts that are supposed to please and be rewarded by God. When did God say that it was alright for us to bury helpless women, then stone them to death, to murder your own children, and to force children into slavery and marriages of rape and abuse?

Christians are notorious for doing just as much, if not far more wrong, and they just hate that someone else is doing the same things on a grander scale than ever before.

Other religions and mystic practices are so inward thinking and self serving that the narcissism makes the practitioners useless to the world, yet the same message of superiority over others is still there.

Atheists are not that well received in the world and they are lashing out more than ever.



So what is fueling this battlefield of offense, more offense and egregious self defense? Standard marketing and/or political organizing tactics that are known to move herds of weak minded and weak spirited people in one direction or another, that’s what.

Those tactics work to drag religion and spirituality into a battlefield where opposing dogmatic groups scramble to collect the largest collection of scraps: scraps of dominance, bits of power…and piles of money of course. It is always about money!

The Koch Brothers will go down in history as the engine of fake “grassroots” groups who push fake crises after obvious lie. President Obama is a Muslim. Let’s  make a chicken sandwich that is offensive to Gays. Gays, label anyone who criticizes you or fails to support you as anti-Gay. Christian deviants, show up and behave like monsters at soldier’s funerals and use abortions as your excuse.  Racist religious deviants,  support those who stalk and murder black children. Work hard to keep your own family of psychopaths, child beaters, and child predators out of prison.

Are any of you capable of finding any fault within yourselves? Have you lost the capability because there would be no  power, attention or money in confession and repentance?

Let the NRA run our government, then lie and call the Fast and Furious program a failure. The only failure came when the NRA would not allow the government to prosecute those who were captured under Fast and Furious. Keep perverting your concept of the  “second amendment”  until you kill yourselves  or are killed with your own overstuffed collections of weapons and ammunition.


How did the world get away from the fact that our God has already told us what will please or displease him?

We know that wagging a cross and bible around while doing evil is a worse offense to God than a failed faith. Keep doing evil while you wag that bible and cross, then see how you fare standing next to the poor fool you killed, abused or looked down upon when you had a chance to do better.

Stop doing battles that should never have started and get back on the right path. Those of us who are not doing battle, do not start doing battle on the side of wrong and evil. Everyone else, stay out of the way of the good because God put us and all of this together and God can take us and all of this apart.