Happy Sunday: Watch Out and Check Your Computer Edition




A virus protection system was set up to firewall hundreds of thousands of computers that were infected with a “Doomsday virus”.

The U.S. government rounded up the hackers and stopped the virus last year. The virus rerouted infected computers through illegal servers, leading users to fake websites. In the end, hackers stole about $14 million.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) wanted to allow plenty of time for consumers and service providers to locate and fix the virus, so they switched infected computers to virus free servers late last year.

This article  will give  a detailed description of the process.

Infected computers were rerouted through clean government servers. Non infected computers were not routed through the clean servers.

The clean servers were a temporary measure. The servers will  shut down on July 9, ending all protections. This is what is being wrongly called the “Doomsday” virus.

On July 9, infected computers will be routed through an older access system that is as slow as a “rotary dial version of the Internet”.

Many people still do not know that they have infected computers, so spread this word.






Check your computers at:

The FBI DNS Changer Virus Check Up page.

The page will immediately display a red symbol if your  computer is infected. Take action before the clean servers shut down on July 9.

If  green notice comes up, your computer is not infected.

Comcast customers can check their computers here.

Get good antivirus and keep it updated. Scan every week at least.

For low income Microsoft computer users, Microsoft Security Essentials has gotten a good review and can be downloaded for free!




According to Discovery News and GeekSquad UK, the malware is called “DNS Changer Trojan” or “Alureon” and was launched in 2007.

The malware infected windows and MAC computers.  4 million computers that were affected  worldwide,  with 500,000  in the United States alone.

The Trojan diverted victims to scam websites where hackers stole $14 million. The hackers, based in Estonia,  operated for about 4 years before they were caught.

Immediately shutting down the bad servers would have caused serious problems, so the U.S. government decided to set up clean servers and route the infected computers through them.

The clean servers have been protecting infected computers since then.

Many victims never knew that their computers were infected or that they were running through any kind of special Internet servers.

There will be more of these viruses, so make sure that you install and update the best anti virus.