Happy Sunday: We are at a terrible crossroads

We are at a terrible crossroads

Where hypocrites, who do not live as they speak

Want power for themselves

Over us and over everyone

We are in a terrible state of being

When those who live

not as they claim to live

Want treasure

More than us, taken from all of us

We are at a terrible crossroads

Where we have just one more chance to give

Great power

Not to act from blame or our resentment

We are in a time of awful change

From the will of the many who give their trust

To the few

And not to those who crow about their wrongs

And if those few are the capering posturers, the clowns

Who have spirits of monsters, of beasts

Then we have failed

And will have to find a mirror to lay the blame

We can vote with our heart, our mind, our conscience and duty

We can refuse to vote for anyone

And be done

And we who tried for the path of right away from wrong

And prayed even with a speck of faith

Will be blessed

Let us pray with our hearts and souls and minds

That false prophets, and crooked fools

Get no power

Pray for blessings for our country

For the truth

For our President

For our people

For our guests

For our environment

For our stewardship

Of the land

The people

The air

The water

The plants

The animals

The birds

The insects

The trees

The life

And to be forgiven

For our vices, mistakes, rage and sins

If we pray, carrying the boulder of our faith

Then the evil will not be empowered here

Or lead us away from our greatest gifts

Of God and Jesus

and their blessings

and their grace.