Happy Sunday: The Evil ones Who Know What is Best for Us

The religious right has been using tortured and fake dogma and biblical references to tell us that we should meet their demands.  Since the religious right gets its money from the Koch Brother’s, then the religious right wants them to write our laws and run our nation.

It all begins with ALEC, a tool of the Koch Brothers.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC ) intimidates, bribes, extorts and controls who gets elected at the state level in this nation. This article, “Inside the ALEC Dating Service”  describes how the right wing has dictated to America’s  elected officials.

The Koch Brothers have a comprehensive program for changing American government, politics, markets and society to suit their purposes.

The Koch Brothers Exposed is a film that will be released by streaming video on May 8. There will be screenings all over the United States, and the website has the locations. Also DVDs are for sale. Everyone should know about this film and about these men.

Tim Phillips is the Koch Brother’s most powerful operative in the United States. Phillips  built the largest fake grassroots organization in history:  “Americans For Prosperity”.  Americans for Prosperity pushes Koch Brother’s money out to a huge number of  even more fake grassroots organizations.

The Deviant and Extremist Religious Right.

The Freedom Federation, the American Family Association, the Family Research Council, and Concerned Women for America, as well as such groups as Generals International and Morningstar Ministries are tied to the Koch brothers and to Tim Phillips.  After all, money is power. The deviant right wing religious leaders  are after all of the money and power they can grab.

Tim Wildmon  brings the president into his diatribes. He wants a white, male president who is also a religious leader. Forget about separation of church and state.

Here is a survey of the deviant religious right’s money fueled agenda from Alter Net. It is titled “Exposing The Christian Right’s New Racial Playbook“.

Summary: We cannot serve two masters.

These evil and destructive forces lost sight of the truth: They cannot serve God, the nation, and the Koch Brothers. They have learned to love one and to hate the others. And God is not the one they love.