Happy Sunday: Hard Truths Edition

Let us pray for the people who are suffering.

Let us pray for the people who have lost their homes.

Let us pray for innocent men, women and children who have been murdered by twisted and spoiled fools.

Let us pray for those who have been harmed or killed by the acts of liars,  deceivers and self serving manipulators of the people’s trust.

We all know  about someone, somewhere, who is suffering from a grave and unjust loss.

We all know about a serious  wrong that has not been righted.

We all know that an act of nature cannot be concerned about human life.

We all know that the great works and best hopes of many people can be dashed into rubble with no notice and no warning.

Let us never be so arrogant and foolish as to claim that natural disasters are the wrath of God, even when they strike a concentration of  big mouthed people who are than willing to attribute God’s wrath to natural disasters… in other places.

Let us pray for all of the people who are suffering, no matter where they live or whom they may be.


This is Milk Thistle. It now grows taller and hardier because we used Roundup on it. Now we use more Roundup to get rid of it.

But Milk Thistle is one of the most valuable nutritional and medicinal plants that we know!

If we do this to valuable plants, what are we thinking about valuable people who happen to have the wrong clothes, skin color, nationality, or economic standing?

Let us pray for the sense to demand law enforcement that provides community policing, not self appointment to  combat and execution duty. 



We all know that the wrong people were given power over backward states and then our nation.

They lie about the President. They lie about their own greatness. They falsely claim some special relationship with God.

We all know by now what they will  deny us our freedoms and our rights.

We all know by now that they see us, not as the people, but as their tools of power, their source of labor, or their mortal and undeserving enemy.

We all know that they have no remorse, no empathy, and no ability to admit responsibility for the consequences of their acts.

Let us pray for them to be stopped, to lose their powers and to lose their positions.


High School student at rally for Trayvon Martin and justice.

We all know that our enemy comes from within and only cares about self serving goals. 

We all have seen leaders sanctify their own evil thoughts and acts; and hide their deeds; and make excuses for their own misdeeds.

We all know of glib and charismatic liars who convince the weak minded that the wrong way is best.

We all know that we must remove them from their stations before they complete the ruin our nation.

Let us pray for those who have been told that they cannot vote.

Let us pray for our nation to vote the bad out and vote the better in until some rational and decent leadership is restored.



We all know of someone who has, a plan, a goal, or a desire that they are working very hard to achieve.

We all know that these are the times when the greatest of natural disasters will happen.

We all know that these are the time when people are damaged and morally fractured. They will easily turn into gangs who take the wrong path in life.



Let us pray for help with stopping the corrupted plans, destructive goals, and twisted desires of the powerful.

Let us pray that we still have the people’s own power to stop the nation from going over the cliff. 

Let us pray that we still have the people’s own power to restore our nation from it’s downfall.

Let us pray that we still have the people’s own power to recover from natural disaster

Let us pray that we will be able to reverse increasingly extremist and unreasonable Supreme Court rulings and regain a sense that justice will be done.

Let us pray that we never have to say “We could have done something, but we didn’t do a thing.”


All photos copyright: Xenonlit, 2012, all rights reserved. Simply ask for permission to use one.