Happy Sunday: Do Not Worry About 2012. Live with joy and love of life.

We know better than to try to predict the Apocalypse. We do not know the time; not the day nor the hour. We can decide not to waste time during 2012 by waiting for great and wrong things to happen. Let us work against the little wrongs that we know about and can stop.

City by city, county by county, state by state, is how we do it. 

We can choose to get corruption, extremism and evil out of our government before we lose our ability to choose. We can stop believing and wasting time listening to the tired old lies that are still being told about birth certificates and socialism. We can start to question the legitimacy of the liars.

We can be far more careful about the disproportionate damage that less than a billion of the world’s humans do to the planet.

We can take care of the living children who are being  murdered and abused. If a man or woman will kill someone over abortion, what are they doing to their own children? We can find out.

We can stop fighting wars just to enrich the greedy or because we are greedy.

We need to keep the perverted and deviant religions out of our government, out of power, and out of our personal lives.

Our business is to take care of our home and to learn from our losses. We can take care of business.


Here are some things that will help in 2012.

Fight the Phishing, Vishing and Mishing scammers.

Fight the voter disenfranchisement movements that the Republican Party is encouraging.

Take heart and continue the fight against corruption and evil in government.

Learn something fresh and new just for the joy of learning.

Learn to make new years resolutions that give you joy and help you on your journey of life.


Here’s to better and new life, love, courage, perserverence and joy in 2012.