Strange Sounds Heard All Around The World

Something strange is happening all around the world. Weird noises have  been recorded in dozens of places and even at a packed stadium during a baseball game.

Some of these noises sound like the whooshing of a giant flame throwing machine. Others sound like the fearsome roars of a giant animal. Other groaning sounds are so large that the very stuff of the planet seems to be grinding and rolling around.

If you would like to see the videos first,  scroll down now and click on the “more” tab. 

The sounds did not start recently. Many of the videos go back to last Winter or Spring and were not released until the world started freaking out over the scariest video, which was taken in a Canadian forest.

And, yes, there are sounds in some of the videos that could be horns. Of course the horns are leading to thoughts that this is it! Some people have not even watched the videos or realize that there are many sounds that are being heard, not just horns. So of course those people want to believe that this is the first sounding of those apocalypse horns! We are in for it! Run for the hills!


There are many sounds in the videos and those sounds can be interpreted in different ways. The “whooshing” sound, for example, is described as a flamethrower sound by those on the scene, while those listening on low quality PC speakers simply hear a repetitive whooshing or booming sound.

There are some sounds that are like horns, but many of us who have worked around big engines know that a hornlike sound can be produced.

At the end of this post are three of the videos. One is a collection of several incidents. After listening for yourselves feel free to tell us what you think.

Here is a discussion of the five most obvious topics that are coming up: The Book of Revelation, HAARP, the Mayan Calendar, hoaxers and opportunists.



Let us remember what is said in the Book of Revelations before those ancient Mayans have us running for the hills:

The entire Book of Revelations is, on a very basic level, like this:  Revelation makes use of symbolism and visions, mentions angelic mediators, has bizarre imagery, declares divine judgment, emphasizes the Kingdom of God, prophesies a new heaven and a new earth, and consists of a dualism of ages, in other words a present world and a World to Come. (Wikipedia Revelations)

The relevant passages that refer to horns are in Revelation 9 through 11. Here is Bible Gateway, starting at Revelation 1. Please give it a full reading.

The verses that refer to horns are summarized here:

And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God

–Revelation 9:13

And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and to them were given seven trumpets. –Revelation 8:2

As each of the seven angels sound, something horrific and huge happens to the Earth, part of the sun is destroyed, the star Wormwood impacts the Earth, hail and fire mixed with blood come down and destroy huge chunks of life, a great fiery mountain falls into the sea and more happens.

Then the seventh angel sounds:

And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

—Revelation 11:15


HAARP is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. According to the official fact page,

“The goal of this program is to further advance our knowledge of the physical and electrical properties of the Earth’s ionosphere which can affect our military and civilian communication and navigation systems.

The HAARP program operates a world-class ionospheric research facility located in Gakona, Alaska.”

The problem with this program is that there is secrecy in the face of claims that there is neither a secrecy classification, nor are there classified documents about the program.

There were annual open houses where the public was allowed to visit the HAARP array until the Summer of 2010. Now, visitors are not allowed at the HAARP facility.

Not allowing the public to see for themselves is the stuff that makes a conspiracy buff sit up and pay attention.

There have been many claims about HAARP causing earthquakes, tornadoes, severe storms and floods, bird flu and a host of other problems. Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, once claimed that HAARP caused the Haiti earthquake by deployment of HAARP as some form of weapon.

Wikipedia has a fairly good list and description of the  major conspiracy theories that surround HAARP.

Author’s note: The author of this article refuses to play into the “Anti Wikipedia” hysteria, having met several academics who think that the site is a fine source of information when a person uses multiple sources as they should.



Some of the sounds are identical to sound effects heard in such films as “War of the Worlds” and “Cloverfield”, which makes skeptical listeners wonder if the strange noises are part of a massive public relations stunt for an upcoming film release.

Geeks of Doom and many others have identified two blockbuster monster movies that will be released in 2012:  Cloverfield II and a fresh Godzilla remake.

But neither Geeks of Doom nor any major Hollywood insiders  have given any confessions that the videos are publicity hoaxes.



First of all, the Mayans never predicted that 2012 would bring us an apocalypse or be the year of doomsday. They made many calendars, and the longest one is called the “Long Count” calendar. They used the calendars to predict future events or to record past events.

Most of their calendars went for 52 years, which was the average lifetime of a Mayan.

These calendars were too short for long term timekeeping, so the Long Calendar was invented.

According to Discovery,

“The Mayans set this calendar to begin in the year 3114 B.C. (according to our modern Gregorian calendar). If the Long Count began in 3114 B.C. and it’s calculated to continue for 5126 years, the “end date” will be — you guessed it — 2012 A.D.

Further refinement sets the date to Dec. 21, the day of the winter solstice for the Northern Hemisphere.

“The Maya were highly skilled astronomers who kept meticulous records of the night sky. They documented the phases of the moon, recorded eclipses and even tracked the movement of Venus. In fact, the Venus cycle was an important calendar for the Maya. Their records enabled them to predict future astronomical cycles with great accuracy.”

Now, convert all of that to our Gregorian Calendar, which has some odd sociopolitical quirks thrown into it.  Then calculate the changes that have happened in our visible skies over 5126 of  any civilization’s years, and see how problems with using the Mayan calendar to predict anything are bound to come up.



This is a time when opportunists, money grubbers and charismatic creeps of all kinds will prey upon the gullible and the weak minded. This is not a time to do anything but prepare (as we have been warned to do ) for all kinds of natural and man made disasters.

Otherwise, if the apocalypse is coming, then Christians should know what to do and realize that the truth will finally find a way.



Some of them are quite dubious, as people seen in the distance do not appear to be aware or afraid. Others are standing or moving around as if nothing is going on, or the sounds are quite familiar and could have come from any big sound FX movie from the last ten years.

Others are downright scary because of the apparent size of the sound, which seems to be coming from the heavens, from the Earth’s crust making huge moves, or from equipment that is too large for the human comprehension.

Other scenes seem to be related to strange cloud formations or they show some people freaking out at the sound while others appear to be oblivious (the baseball game is an example).

The videos do go back to early 2011, which was at first seen as proof of a hoax. Some contributors indicated that they were reluctant to make anything of their videos because there were no others until January 2012, and they felt that they would be dismissed as crackpots.