The Perfect Storm of Technology: 2012



I underwent the perfect storm of technology during the past two months.

I hate AT&T permanently. Their billing fiasco and arrogance have ruined their reputation with me. Comcast is no better, having done a bait and switch over a rebate that was promised, then withdrawn. It was their error, but who cares?

My smartphone was up for an upgrade and my old original Droid was barely hanging on. I loved that phone, but the fees through Verizon were off the charts. I seriously considered going back to a basic flip phone, but ended up with an insane deal through Amazon for an HTC Thunderbolt. OMG.

I dove deeply into Cyber Monday and came up for air with a not so stellar HP Mini 110. After several rounds with tech support, followed by a three day stay with Geek Squad, the little netbook turned out to be a wonderful way to get out of the house and to write and research in better settings.

So here are my experiences so far. Take a trip with me and feel free to add your comments, recommendations and inputs!


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