Happy Sunday: Happy New Year 2012

 What has been will be again, 
   what has been done will be done again; 
   there is nothing new under the sun.

—Ecclesiastes 1:9


2012 will be the last year for standing up to the evil, greed and opportunism of the charismatic creeps who have ruined our nation and our world.

2012 will be a test for American Christians to reject the wicked agendas that are being pushed by extremist religious leaders. This is the year to start being the people that Jesus taught us to be. We have been wasting and betraying our greatest gift.

2012 must be the year when the majority of the voters step up and vote, not just for themselves and because of themselves, but with respect to the good of the nation and the good of their neighbors. Many will have to step in and help when corrupted local and state governments attempt to deny their enemies the right to vote.

2012 will be a year toward recovery only if  America is willing to do the  hard work needed to express the truth and the whole truth. The lies that the right has been pushing and the pseudo academic arguments that the left has pointlessly engaged in will simply not do.

2012 will be the year of the charismatic creep; the charismatic opportunist; the charismatic bully and the charismatic liar. If America cannot get off of its dependency on charisma, then 2o12 needs to be the year of the charismatic hero, the charismatic savior, and the charismatic leader of the majority of the people.

2012 is the last chance to force the government and the corporations to carry out the will of the  majority of the people. This will be the last year to make it so that the middle class constitutes the majority of the people. This is the last chance to save democracy as we know it.

2012 had better be about keeping human children alive and well. Some people pay more attention to their cats and dogs while children go missing, die from preventable causes, or are brutally murdered each and every day of the week in this world.  The “right to life” extremists had better start worrying about the living children who are brutalized and murdered in their own homes and communities.

2012 had better be about stopping the oil and gas and other corporate opportunists who care nothing about the environment, the nation, the economy, the world, or its people. The same must go for the banks and war profiteers who have grabbed up the nation’s treasury and filled their own pockets.

In 2012, the lobbyists must somehow be stopped from meeting with government officials. There should be no meetings in secrecy and with no public accountability.  Secretive lobbying must be outlawed, and any lawmaker, court or executive who acts in the lobbyist’s favor after taking money or gifts must be removed from office.

2012 presents the last opportunity  to empty those greedy, opportunistic corporate pockets back into the nation’s treasury. If this is not done, the American people will continue to fall victim to the lie that America is in a debt crisis that calls for right wing solutions so destructive, evil and stupid that revolution will happen. Perhaps this will keep even more rough beasts from slouching toward Washington and the state houses in 2012.

2012 presents the last opportunity to force the government to make FEMA into a disaster response agency that can actually respond to a disaster. Instead, FEMA is now more capable of suppressing the population in the event of widespread discontent and revolt against an increasingly out of control and corrupted government.

2012 presents a host of technological marvels that can improve the world or change the world for the better. These technological marvels could be used to stop world leaderships from dragging us all into man made disasters. There must be more work done to widen access to the web, to get the truth out to the people, and to move the people to stand up to corruption at all levels of every society.

2012 presents opportunities for that same technology to make average people into heroes as they use it to save lives after a disaster, to capture criminals and abusive authorities, and to document events with eyes and ears that cannot lie or wrongly perceive the facts.

2012 may or may not be the year of the apocalypse. Who knows? We are not supposed to know when such a thing will happen. We are supposed to take care of our individual jobs and lives on this planet. We were warned about false prophets and told not to distort or misread truthful prophecies.

Let us not make the mistake of confusing detailed ancient Aztecan texts with the truth. Let us not mistake permanent and universal truths for accurate prophecy.

Let us humble ourselves and realize that those ancient and universal truths only speak to the ways in which mankind always fails to learn from the lessons of the past. Mankind is just good at repeating the same behaviors and mistakes again and again.

The state of the world in 2012 will continue to serve as proof that mankind has not solved its mistake repeating problems.

The natural disasters that will come in 2012 are proof that we live on the thin and malleable crust of a molten core planet. The Earth and its atmosphere can change in ways that will challenge human life and habitation. The impact of 7 billion living humans will push the planet and change the planet. The planet will decide to push back.

2012  could be the first year that human societies actually evolve without horrendous stops, failures, crashes and restarts. Or this could be just another year of history repeating.

Happy New Year 2012

 What has been will be again, 
   what has been done will be done again; 
   there is nothing new under the sun.

—Ecclesiastes 1:9