Happy Sunday: Music for chilling out when the stress takes over



Of all seasons, this one should not be stressful. But this is a time when family dysfunction, materialistic life plans, disjointed ideas about the best way to celebrate, and, of course, the economy come together to turn a beautiful event into a miserable existence.

Here are some tunes that will do something to distract us from the bad things in life, to remind us of the good things in life, or to serve as examples that lead us to calm down and think about something great, good, joyful and peaceful.





“Comfort Ye and Every Valley Must Be exalted” Reginald Hayes, Tenor

“O’ Holy Night” Carrie Underwood

“Bethelehemu” African Children’s Choir





I set up this living room every Christmas. If you look at the pair of eyeglasses, you can see why it is so special.