Europe is going through a little bit of History Repeated. Wake up now.

Before reading this, it will help to read this article, which summarizes some of the latest news reports and led me to write this post.

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The other option is to do your own checking to see why the rise of the far right in Europe has been making headlines for a while. Aso, I will remind you that I am a  Sociologist by trade and a perpetual grad school dropout.

Let’s review our understandings of the conditions that existed when the extreme right wing rose to power throughout Europe. A great series of movements  put the Nazis and Facists into power and sent the world into a tailspin.

Europe’s economy was in a shambles.  Populist movements were on the rise. Charismatic leaders were  espousing insane philosophies that we hoped would never be popular ever again.

But those philosophies gave hope, cheer, spirit to those who saw nothing wrong with expressing their rage at people who were obviously the cause of so many nation’s ills.

Gypsies. Jews. The disabled. The incapable. The slackers. The unproductive. The sub humans. The liberals of society who preached intolerable sermons about tolerance.

No one wanted to hear of peace and love for our fellow white and European human who was of the right class and, if not of the right class, at least humble and righetous enough to serve their betters without bitterness or demonstration of a rebellious nature.

A goodly number of Jews saw the sense to such speech. They voted for those who had the ultimate solutions without knowing that they would eventually find themselves being subjected the ultimate solution.

The wise and swift ones fled. The slow ones died or went through such times of slavery, horror and deprivation that it is a miracle that they survived with anything like a  functional psyche or spirit.

The gypsies had nowhere to go. The retarded and disabled were not allowed to go. The enemies of right had nowhere to go. Negroes were fine, as long as they stayed out of trouble.

As time passed, those who voted for the populist solution had nowhere to go, and waited either for a sure death by Russian hands or rescue by American surety that white is right and must be forgiven and provided a chance to redeem itself.

And Lena Horne had to walk up to the middle of the audience of a theatre to sing to the segregated black soldiers who were seated in lower position than the captured white enemy who had set out to kill the same nation that their ancestors had been enslaved and forced to build.

The European far right never died, nor did it truly lose any war. It went dormant, patiently simmering and festering through decades of occupation, waiting to rise again, just as it did after World War I.

Americans cannot comprehend such patience and learned the hard way that ten years was nothing to Middle Eastern haters who would try again and again to take down the World Trade Towers.

Americans equally cannot comprehend that Europeans also have such patience and that their far right elements would wait even longer, over 50 years, to rise and take power again.

Only now, the cause of all of their ills, the enemy who must be exterminated, the beast who must be destroyed are now Muslims and Africans and Asians.

And anyone who paid attention to the “Hostel” films can add Americans to the eternally reeking, flaming pile of right wing European hatred and nationalistic self interest.

Anyone who served in Europe or who interacted with the massive infrastructure of occupation facilities that are run by American soldiers and civilians should get the message of the “Hostel” films.

When I came home from there and told people that the terrorists would make a try at the World Trade Center again or that far right evil did not die with WW II, no one would take me seriously.

On September 11, 2001 it happened and the second call that I recieved was from my worst critic. He said this: “You nailed it! You nailed it!”

I said “It does not matter. We are a nation at war as of right now.”

“Oh come on. No we’re not!” my chief critic yelled.

The materiel of war was procured before  September 11, 2001. The port workers and the military knew it because it was one heck of a lot of materiel and one trillion dollars was missing from the Pentagon treasury on that fateful day.

And no expert has ever confirmed that the airliner could conceivably make that last run into the Pentagon without spraying parts over the surrounding landscape.

And all but a handful of frames of film out of tens of thousands of frames of film of that impact have ever been shown to us.

And now, I tell you that it is not Iran, with its nuclear popgun, that is the biggest threat to Americans and to America.

The biggest threat to Americans and to America  is the rise of the far right in Europe and of their sympathizers at home.

If the “Tea Party” could take control of our own House of Representatives, then it is no surprise that the 14 countries in Europe that have experienced rising waves of populist and far right fervor are already seeing their local elections and national parliaments inundated with duly authorized legions of hate.

We are waiting for the next charismatic to arrive. A new Hitler. A new Mussolini. Perhaps someone with an entirely new philosophy for  bringing evil up to the standards of new world orders and new technologies.

After all, it will not be Jews and gypsies this time. It will be the swarthy or the black or any color in between. It will not be the semite who looks and acts  like Europe. It will be the semite who looks and acts like China and Pakistan and Mexico and  North Africa and Black Africa.

And we will have the same old Axis. It will be a European Axis, just as before. But the new allies will be a big surprise.

A big surprise indeed.

These are new times. Old timers and those who have not heard this song need to step aside, because the Far Right is on the rise again in Europe and the rest of the world is just about sick of that and sets out to stop it for good.

It’s all just a bit of history repeated. Or is it?