Happy Sunday: Forgiving Edition

It is going well in the world and it is not going well in the world.

Loved ones are in trouble and we can not help them through

Loved ones are dying far too soon or after way too much of suffering

Trauma so serious that it will not ever go away 

Is the subject of insipid calls to “forgive”

From people who have no idea of how to do so

The ways that people have of avoiding the world and themselves

Is quite disturbing

We know that we are loved but we know that trials are coming

And we wonder if the time is now, with all the wrong that’s been done

And all of the evil that is flourishing under conditions way too favorable

Drama so stupidly done it will not entertain

Is the subject of conversation everywhere

With people who will never stop the lie and tell the truth

The ways that mankind has for destruction of the world and all life

Is quite cleansing

So please know that we understand the need to be forgived

And we wonder if the acts of contrition are ever enough

Because of the evil that flourishes under conditions that are much too kind

To ask to be forgiven in a compelling way 

Is not a futile exercise when asking God

But we must always stop the lie and  tell the truth

We must show the worth of humankind to God and to the judge of all

It’s quite cleansing