Happy Thanksgiving With Some Goodies to Cook And Eat!

Here are some of my latest efforts in the areas of learning how to cook. The holidaze are the perfect time to try something new!

I will be doing all of the other rices in the future, as each type has a different cooking method!

This pancake is done in the same way as Yorkshire pudding, where a well whipped crepe batter meets a hot pan that has a buttery, hot fruit syrup in it! There is no baking soda or leavening! The heat and the air inside of the batter do all of the work.
Believe it or not, the crepe recipe is the same as the one for the puffy pancake!
Simply put some oil or butter in a flat 9 inch pan, put in enough batter to thickly coat the pan, roll the batter around and cook until the top is dull. Flip, brown the other side and voila! A Crepe!
It may take a few practice crepes, but once learned, you will be in charge of them!