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Technological Marvels That Have Saved Humanity From Trouble And Difficulty (Definitely Satire!)

Since the dawn of man, humans have searched for Dawn. Humans need to have washing liquid or something that can get the fat and grease off of hands and plates!

Since the dawn of man, humans have longed for lightweight, but super useful stuff that would hold up against all kinds of heat, cold, dropping, stabbing, piercing, burning and sinking under water.

Since the dawn of man, humans have striven to invent, make and distribute cheap crap in the most effective ways possible.

Humans have now reached the point where technological marvels that make life wonderful are always being honored and recognized for their goodness.

Here are some of my personal favorites.





The Sacramento Occupaton At Cesar Chavez Park (I am very proud of this one)

After setting out for César Chávez Park in downtown Sacramento, California, it was clear that parking was going to be an issue.

Parking is always an issue in Downtown Sacramento, which is why most residents of the region do all that they can to avoid the place.

But yesterday, there were big doings in César Chávez Park. Several hundred children showed up to do a “flash mob” dance. After midnight, about 16 of the protesters were arrested in a “catch and release” program for violating park rules by blocking the park entrances or staying in the park after closing hours. The arrested individuals were either lying or sitting at the 9th and K street entrance.

These hardy souls braved a blustery day to start the first wave of the ongoing Sacramento Occupation style version of the Occupy Wall Street Protests.

But what a contrast!