Happy Sunday: Sacramento Occupation Protest Edition

The best way to do this Happy Sunday is to share the ways in which so many public concerns are being translated into concepts and statements. A couple of the concepts and statements  are beginning to resonate with larger and larger groups of people.

The  “One Percent” have taken from the people and have kept it for themselves.

The “One Percent” have become greedy, gross, corrupted and arrogant.

The nation’s leadership has virtually extincted the leftist and the liberal, who now huddle in the center and secretly pander to the right.

The nation’s highest court is corrupted and, despite growing public outrage, refuses to be held to a higher ethics standard. The courts now belong to the one percent.

Two worthless wars have used up two generations of soldiers. No nation ever survived by squandering two generations of soldiers in the wrong wars when even worse threats to national security are in store. The military industrial complex calls the shots. Those who profit from the military industrial complex are part of the one percent.

But the One Percent will not stop. Bizarre constructs like  “The corporation as a person”  will allow one Percent of the world to take even more for themselves while they give even less to those who create their wealth.

There is no “Noblesse Oblige” in our topmost class, just as there was none before the French Revolution.

The statement “We are the 99 percent!” is the most powerful statement of this revolution. This definitive statement from the occupation protests that are sweeping the nation reflects the broad and general dysfunction that begins with a corrupted government, extends to corrupted corporations, and ends with the mentally disturbed, opportunistic and charismatic creeps of the world.

The second most powerful statement of this revolution is that there is no leadership. The worst thing that could happen would be for the unions, the Democratic and other parties, or even one charismatic individual to take leadership and start speaking for the masses who group up, speak up and march these days.

Here are the problems with a single representative or spokesperson:

All major and existing national groups would instantly become weak points that would be exploited to divide and conquer The 99 Percent. If the mass comes to one point on a huge pyramid, the one percent can chop of the point, leaving the masses to disperse from a lack of someone to tell them what to do.

All major and existing national groups have hidden and vested interests in the very systems that the 99 Percent are protesting! The Veterans groups, for example, collect hundreds of millions of dollars and take up millions of square feet of space. Yet they do not get veterans their benefits because they have cozy and long term collusions with the entirely broken Veteran’s Administration.

Those Union funds have actually gotten fat from those “One Percent” styles of funds collection and management. There is also the problem of unions pricing the American worker out of the job market.

The Democratic Party has far too many members who, like the “Blue Dogs”, are playing for both sides in the game as Tea Party operatives in the daytime and a drain on party funds and focus in the nighttime.

All of the 99 Percent need to fight together for jobs, medical care, and fair housing. The focus needs to be on shutting down government corruption, ending corporate personhood, ordering the banks to release the stimulus funds, getting the President his money for jobs and infrastructure repair, ending the two wars, and redistributing the looted nation’s treasure back to the people.

No single interest group needs to distract the 99 Percent right now.

All selfish interest groups need to remember that the women’s suffrage movement put their goals on hold in order to help gain freedom for the slaves, to run the underground railroad, and to fight for right in the Civil War. Then, when it came time for women to get the vote, the suffrage movement reaped masses of support in return.

The coalitions know that all ethnic minorities together become a majority that must give  mutual support for  immigration, stopping racism and getting jobs for those who are rejected from society. Unions know that they must support the 99 Percent. Veterans know that they must work with the 99 Percent. The churches know that their parishioners are the 99 Percent. The Colleges know that they are cranking out vastly more 99 Percenters than they are 1 percenters. The Gay and Lesbian movements need to thank the 99 percent for being the force behind ending DADT.

What, then, is the focus of the Occupation Protesters? There is no one focus.

What, then is the manifesto of the Occupation Protesters? There is no manifesto.

Who leads the Occupation Protesters? There are no leaders, just guides and facilitators. Those who want to be led by someone can choose to be led.

Those who want to freelance can do that too. I went to the protests and freelanced.

This is the best way. It scares the hell out of opportunists and charismatic creeps who need for people to follow them as they head down their self serving paths toward becoming the one percent of the 99 percent.

Source: Reuters

The Brooklyn Bridge protests in New York 

No one is immune from becoming unemployed and possibly homeless, not even the police who put their lives on the line in order to keep the peace. 

Source: Xenonlit                                                                

A Lone Motorcycle Cop In Sacramento

Some protesters want or need jobs. If they have jobs, then they can take care of the rest of their lives. People feel that they are being treated as deserving members of society when they have jobs. People feel as if they belong in the world when they have jobs.

But what kind of jobs? Jobs that are becoming increasingly like high rent versions of serfdom? Jobs that leave nothing after taxes, rent, utilities and transportation to and from work? What happened to the dream of buying a home, having savings, having health coverage, or having job security until retirement? By the way, who looted the Social Security trust fund and why haven’t we taken that money and put it back?

Some protesters have jobs so bad that they are protesting having the jobs!

Source: Xenonlit

A Pointed And Symbolic Demonstration That Speaks For The Workers

The banks took the taxpayer’s stimulus money and are still hoarding that money. They took the Social Security Trust Fund, took the government surplus, sent American jobs overseas, exploited deregulation to cheat their customers with fake fees and overdraft charges, hoarded the money,  and still reward themselves with record profits.

They even take four to five days to process a PayPal transfer, just so they can earn interest for themselves that the customer never sees.

Source: Xenonlit

Protest At Bank Of America in Downtown Sacramento

For others, it is the race baiting, anti immigration, anti gay and hate  filled discourse that has dominated the news. The extreme right wing was given unprecedented attention by our biased and corrupted mainstream media. This, combined with the corporations’ financial support allowed the right wing to gain far more power than their numbers allow.

This corruption and propagandizing has created a backlash of national outrage and demand to halt the rise of the extremists.

Source: Xenonlit

Some protesters speak for many by addressing general discontent.

Others show up to do what it is that the do every week of the year, regardless of what is happening at Cesar Chavez Park in Sacramento. This church ministry has, for years, served food to anyone in need within a 50 mile radius.

Source: Xenonlit

A Church Mission That Feeds The Poor And Homeless




The corporate greed and the banking scandals have been the major focus. The 99 Percent know that at the heart of our problems lie corrupted, greedy banks that were deregulated and given a free hand to cheat the consumer and to loot the public treasury.

There is enormous outrage that the Federal Reserve, a private corporation, regulates the nation’s treasure.

Source: Xenonlit 

The Wells Fargo Protest Site 

The banks have not kept people in their homes. The banks have not created jobs. The banks have not saved small businesses from failure. They have only passed the money off to those who are the least in need of the funds.

And the president who promised “Hope and Change” became a pandering, conciliatory, elitist, aloof, distant academic who simply cannot communicate his visions, accomplishments and plans to the people in a way that regains their trust.

President Obama has alienated the base who funded his campaign with coins and who voted in historic numbers. But his “Bedroom Slippers” speech to the Black Congressional Caucus demonstrated a complete lack of respect for and hostility toward African Americans.

The Republican candidate had better be one extremely pitiful fellow by next November. Obama had better not step on his base again, or he should start having chats with one term president Jimmy Carter.

Some Democratic party leaders say that, like Clinton, the current president can make meaningless promises, but must do so in a more slick, pugnacious, obnoxious and aggressive tone in order to win back the people’s hearts. This is why the Democratic Party is losing relevancy. People are well aware that old dogs cannot come up with new tricks that are needed in this unprecedented era of social and economic disaster. The old Clinton apparatus has plenty of mouth, but those people have no clues.

Others say that he has to start speaking in functionally literate terms, not in insular, garbled and meaningless academic babble that resonates with no one outside of his small and elitist circles.

But the bottom line is that the banks and the corporations convinced the entire US government to carry out their will.  The 99 Percent of the people have no say and they want their power back.

Source: Xenonlit

The Two Wars And The Federal Reserve Are Protest Targets

There is an infuriating and manipulative element to the failure to end the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and to bring the troops home. America is blind to Secretary Shinseki’s disastrous leadership of the Veteran’s Administration, the government’s failure to meet military objectives, and the complete lack of a coherent plan for making progress toward any goal in those two theaters.

Meanwhile in Mexico,  the drug cartels are heading closer and closer to taking complete control and the situation is being broadly ignored.

Source: Xenonlit


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