Gold Fever: How To Turn That Hobby Into Income

There is a market for everything and everything is in the markets!

Anyone who has a skill or a craft can do the work for fun when the economy is good. But when the economy turns sour, that craft or art can become a way to make money.

The good news is that new, alternative and underground markets are opening up. Americans are applying their ingenuity and work ethic to alternative sources of income. Alternative and underground markets have been in existence since the dawn of man, but most of today’s households have already made an investment in the skills, hardware and software needed to get into online sales and other high tech adventures.

The bad news is that the arts communities are the biggest source of tasty prey for every type of predator, scam artist and crook in the world. It takes some savvy, a little paranoia, some education, and lots of good research before the entry level arts entrepreneur can safely dash out into the markets.

To get back to the good news, experienced and successful artists, volunteer arts attorneys, and local arts organizations are more than willing to help an artist or crafter who is a newcomer to the business.

This article will cover the internal processes that a budding arts business mogul needs to think about before hitting the markets or investing any money in full production.

The information is designed for the entrepreneur who is planning to create enough quality work for a good and well planned sales season next year.





Fake Marble by Xenonlit. Acrylic on Pine board. 6′ x 18 “







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  1. It’s amazing how you research a subject then write up an article like this. Doggone if you aren’t one bright cookie!

    My congratulations. You do this very, very well….


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