Flouncing History and Techniques for Men and Women

Blogger’s Note: I have been doing scholarly study on the art of flouncing for decades.  Know that men as well as women have mastered the art of the flounce, so enjoy a historical summary and some tips for mastering the art of the flounce!


The History of Flouncing


The origins of flouncing

Do not let anyone bamboozle you about flouncing as a modern phenomenon. Mankind has flounced since humans began to walk upright. On the day that the first man or woman found a way to wrap the body in flouncy furs, flouncy leathers or flouncy feathers, then it was on with the flounce!

But there was a darker side to flouncing. On the day that the first hominid went too far, then just know that the second hominid packed his or her belongings and flounced right out of that camp, tribe or pack!

The Greek Philosopher Ludicrous wrote the earliest known statement about flouncing when he made the famous statement:

“Mankind is conditioned to the beauty, art and taste that is reflected in a proper flounce.”

French Philosopher Montmarte Jones focused on the rhetorical value of flouncing:

“Flouncing is very persuasive. I myself bear the hidden emotional scars of engagement with a skilled flouncer.”