Happy Sunday: Change of Season

A change of season puts us out of sorts. Changing into Autumn adds an element of depression as allergies, the shortening days and the declining weather makes us wish for a bit more of Summer.  Going into Fall is like waking up at 5:30 and wishing that we could hit the “snooze” button to get a few more long, warm days.

Well here is some music to bring us through the change. We will feel better soon as we celebrate the harvest, celebrate having survived another year, and celebrate our relationships with Jesus and God.

Put aside the rest and let’s just take some rest.


Don’t Cry and Now Behold the Lamb




Hearts Desire





This is My Desire


One thought on “Happy Sunday: Change of Season

  1. Well, that first video requires adjectives that my vocabulary lacks. Poor kids. Getting indoctrinated already. The rest are just sad – or the few seconds I allotted them were.

    Were it not that I think you men well, I’d be gnawing on your ankles. It hurts me so darn much when people I love and respect have been mind-raped by religion. Ah well, you’re a big girl. You’ll survive it.

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