Happy Sunday: When Others Like Jesus, But Do Not Like Us Christians

It is becoming difficult to be a public Christian these days. An unprecedented number of so-called “Christians” are expressing more and more of the hate, stupidity, selfishness, greed, corruption, false biblical interpretations, greed for political power, mental illness, and extremist views that America hoped to get rid of.

They do everything that Jesus would not do.

It is becoming difficult for a natural Christian to avoid being held responsible for the bad actions and speech of others.




God and Science  summarizes the problem beautifully by quoting Mahatma Ghandi:

“Christianity wouldn’t be too bad, if one didn’t have to deal with all the Christians. This is the attitude that most non-Christians express about their perception of Christians. In fact, Mahatma Gandhi once said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” However, there is a joke among Christians that expresses the reality of the situation. If you find the perfect church, don’t join it – you’ll wreck it. Christians are commonly described as being intolerant, old fashioned, self-righteous, lying hypocrites, who are out to turn the USA into a Christian theocracy. Does the Bible say that Christians are supposed to behave this way?,”

Good Christians and their detractors have suffered such outrages as the mushing of Christianity and right wing politics into plans for a White supremacist and Christian theocratic state. Add in the ramblings of out of control politicians and the recent trial of a monster who used religion to force underage girls into sex and marriage with him.

It is no wonder that non Christians and Athiests are mad at Christians.

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

–Mahatma Ghandi




Opportunists are all self serving liars. They see other humans as a means to an end, not as other humans. They have no remorse, conscience, empathy or ability to take responsibility for their actions. They lie glibly, can be quite charming or charismatic, and they compartmentalize so that their darker sides are well hidden from everyone but their victims.

Those behaviors are also the characteristics of sociopaths and psychopaths. But does their religion matter? Yes! 

 Opportunistic Christians have added power since they can convince people that a divine power is being used, or that an eternal outcome is at stake. They will make false prophecies and distort biblical content for self serving reasons that may be impossible to identify, to warn about, or to prove before serious damage is done.

Some opportunistic Christians simply want the gratification that comes from controlling people. Other opportunistic Christians want money, attention, sex,  or political power. Some are simply psychopaths and monsters who have found an effective way to reel in their victims.

They can be glib, charismatic and convincing in getting what they want. They are predators who convince others that they have the power to settle a persons spiritual conflicts. They claim that they are the only ones who can broker a person’s eternal deal with God.

As with any other sociopaths, psychopaths and social predators, the truth is the key to dealing with them.

Any claims that someone makes in the name of the Lord must be proved to be true, or no one can be assured that the person speaks for God.  God does not lie. Neither did Jesus.


When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not come about or come true, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him.

—Deuteronomy 8:22


The problem is that today’s opportunistic and predatory Christians are highly effective at blocking the pathway to the truth. They will simply shrug and change the topic when confronted about their lies. They will tell more lies. They will move their promises to tell the truth to a future date that never arrives. They will create distractions. They use canned and repetitive statements to out talk other speakers. They will get threatening, angry and aggressive toward those who challenge them. 

The best thing to do is to walk away from the person after uncovering the first lie.  We do this with business cheats, con artists and other sociopaths. But the religious predator is  effective at throwing out divine rewards that surely will come if we  give them what it is that they are after.

The next best thing may be to stop listening to those who have lied about one thing because they will be inclined to lie about more things.

Nothing is worse than to have a liar giving us our religious education, spiritual relief and belief sets.




When the sciences constitute all that a person knows about the natural world, the sciences can become dogmatic faiths on their own, and scientists can become as obnoxious, limited, predatory, dangerous and problematic as religious dogmatics.

Dogmatic faith is a way of thinking that creates an inability to tolerate or consider any other ways of thinking. It is true that dogmatic thinking can be helpful and healthy when we have issues of weakness in faith, confusion, or when there is no proof. Dogma settles the matter and allows the human mind to move on. 

We cherry pick our dogma, and that is that. Some of us try to get away with as little “believing in stuff” as we can get away with. 

But people who do or say stupid, destructive or evil things based on their own scientific dogma are no less unsound and unhealthy than people who do or say the same things with their religious dogma as an excuse.

Use “What Would Jesus Do?”

When a person focuses on religious dogma instead of a relationship with Jesus as the guiding force in their life, then they have excuses for not doing what Jesus would do. Racists have dogma for an excuse to not do what Jesus did for people of other races.

Child abusers will study the bible all day, then completely ignore what it was that Jesus promised to do to them. Cheats, liars, murderers, crooks and the greedy will do what they want to, then cherry pick the religious dogma that serves as the best excuse or the best escape from responsibility.   

At this point, it is likely that the person suffers from some form of mental illness, and religious dogma is the cover story. When Christians cannot keep a job or function in life because they are compelled to leave for religious activities whenever they feel like it, then they have used religion to mask other reasons why they cannot function well.  

When dogmatic Christians cannot control their rage, hatred or demands for aggression against others, then they have layered religion over their existing emotional or mental dysfunctions.

When Christians cannot have a conversation without twisting it into a biblical or religious discussion, then they are trying to force others to enable their obsessive behavior. 

When such activities as forced bible study, forced public prayer, and demanding religious pledges intrude into the workplace or any other inappropriate area of other people’s public and personal lives, then something has to be done.

There are no easy answers when the dogmatic aggressor is a family member, an employer, or has authority or a special role in life. Most of us would try to show respect, patience and love when dealing with our own problematic people. But strangers would most likely get different behavior.

The truly wrong answer is to lie to or manipulate a troublesome, troubled, and obsessed Christian or other religious dogmatic person.

Putting the foot down from the beginning is the way to stop manipulative, disruptive and controlling behaviors by dogmatic Christians before they become worse.

We have to remember that Jesus lost patience for, or had zero tolerance for many an out of line person and did give them lessons.

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Let’s find out about “what would Jesus do?”  That would be the best course of action: to study and to practice our best efforts to be more like Jesus, when it becomes difficult to be a Christian in an era of increasing dislike of us.


Phil Star “What Would Jesus Do?”


One thought on “Happy Sunday: When Others Like Jesus, But Do Not Like Us Christians

  1. This is an important and spot on essay on a subject that too many Christians either deny outright or keep their mouths shut about.

    While we may think the kind of destructive Christian thinking and action you describe is limited to Christians on the far right and to so-called “Bible” and very evangelically conservative churches, the truth is that it is far more prevalent in mainline traditional churches than we want to admit. In every church I served there was a cadre of members who tried to use Christianity as a club to align other members with their narrow and dogmatic interpretations of the Bible and of church dogma. I stood up to those members and called them out on their contrived positions. Sadly, most pastors I knew and know – in mainline denominations – had not the courage to do so.

    The idea that we need to ask “What would Jesus do” sounds so trite and simple that we often ignore the profound truth of it. Yet it is the true key to being and living a Christian life. If you believe that something that is being touted as Christian truth is clearly against the common sense interpretation of what the Lord did, or what the Lord would do, in a given situation then it is up to you to stand up and say so. And, at a minimum to disavow and avoid participating in any activity that the Christ would never sanction.

    Better yet, you should fight for the truth that you know comes from your own personal relationship to Christ, and carry that fight within the confines of your own church and denomination. Evil wins when good people remain silent. Remember that. It does not require any action on your part for evil to win, only silence.

    Thank you, Xenonlit, for your courage. This is a well written, insightful message.

    God bless you,

    (The Rev. Dr. Monte Canfield)

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