The Tangent Files: Blythe Monroe

Note: This is the first of a series of thrillers that will come along with time. The first story is a short one about Blythe Monroe, a woman who is not who she seems to be. She operates in a world that is never as it should be.



copyright 2011 elizabeth m young  all rights reserved




She was a pleasant woman who went to her job at the local organic foods market in Redding, California. She came home to tend her garden. She dressed well and had great makeup, but went out only occasionally with her very best friends. No permanent man was in the picture of her life.

Some of the more “limited” people in her part of Red Bluff speculated as to why she showed up with no family and no friends. One of the speculators, Karen Dieboldt, went so far as to make up a fantastical tale about being a “burned” C.I.A. agent who had been put into some form of witness protection. Karen was promptly told to “Shut up!” by Dr. Moore, who watched the same cable television show that Karen liked to watch. The show was about a “burned” spy who was dumped in a city in Florida.