Happy Sunday: Dealing With The Religious Cops

When Jesus, God’s own Son, came to earth He turned the old way of doing things upside down, including the religious leaders’ obsession with rules and regulations.

Unknown Author


But  now we are being bombarded with some of the craziest and most evil religious nonsense in the history of mankind, and it’s not just Christians who are doing it.

Every religion has some cold blooded nonsense going on with it, even if it is to sit there and meditate in a cloud of narcissistic “enlightenment seeking”,  doing nothing when helping someone else would have been the better thing to do.

Simply put, there are religious deviants and there are deviant religions.

Some religious deviants are quite mentally ill. They range from borderline personality disorders to full blown psychotics. Some just want to babble at or about God. Others have straight up brain damage.

Some religious deviants do not want medical care for themselves or for anyone else. Others  want to imprison or kill all of the scientists. Still more want to kill their enemies. In these examples, only part of the sickness in religious deviance is revealed.

Still more would throw the first stone and kill their own mother for making their father angry. Worse, some would rape children and teach others that their own sick sexual gratification is a way to God’s favor.

And the worst of all are the sadistic, but charismatic monsters who would convince others that torture, enslavement, and gruesome deaths (for other people, of course) will earn favor with God.


No wonder a lot of us don’t want to hear from anyone who announces that they are the experts on God’s rules and regulations!

We are afraid of being misled because we know that we are capable of being horribly misled.  So we react powerfully when we feel that we are being worked on.


No wonder we walk away from the churches and tune out the street preachers and leave those who inject church imposed catch phrases and buzz words into practically every sentence.


There is a great perversion of  basic religion in the world today, and it is being done by people who either have worse religion to offer; or it is being done by people who have political agendas and no religion at all.

But as for those made up and self serving “rules” that these deviants wish to impose upon us? Keep allowing them to push their agendas, especially in the bible belt and the bible thumping regions of the United States, and find out what happens to those who wait until they have gained power over us and it is too late to fight them.

Ooops. Maybe they already have gained too much power over us.


Do we need to abandon our beliefs and faith in God because wicked Christians, Muslims and Jews are turning into ranting maniacs, bullying sociopaths and psychopaths?

Do we need to lose our Christian, Muslim or Jewish faith in the simple laws of God because of the greedy and self serving religious conservatives who are  either corrupted rulers or paid servants of the corrupted rulers?

Do we need to make up our own religion about space ships coming to get the favored few.  Good grief!

No one needs to follow the so called “leader” who eventually orders up the red kool aid for everyone just because he or she screwed up and had his or her personal toys taken away.

Do we need to hate religion so much that we ridicule any religion and bark at any spiritual person?

Let’s not go there, please.


That is just a way to cop out.


Here is some more rational encouragement before everyone starts joining some crazy cult or abandoning their beliefs and bragging about it.

Just be strong and read the ten commandments. They are a good start. They are very simple guides for the important situations of life.

But just as when we try to make up a new game or sport, and the “rules” get more and more complicated until the game is unplayable, we need to stop arguing about all of those “rules” that we make up to explain the rules and to get our way.

That self serving rule craziness is  giving the act of studying and living by ten simple rules a stupid and ugly reputation.

When  situations get “complicated”,  know that it is because we make them complicated. This helps us to feel better about the way that we decided, right or wrong, to act.

In the end, it is better to be simple and to be true.