She Never Knew That She Lived In Elegance And Beauty

The High Tea


She was a fretful woman who forever worried about things. She held herself to abnormally high standards and the normal processes of life caused her to become worn out and frazzled. She was so worn out that she could not see that everyone else was also only giving up as much as they had to share with the world.

The invitation was more of a summons than it was a heartfelt desire for her wonderful presence. At least, that was the way that she saw it. The neighborhood women were putting on the event, which was to be a high tea. The dress code screamed about long dresses, hats, proper footwear, and proper deportment. Elegance, not flip flops and Capri pants, was the business of the day.

She did not have a long dress and she hated them. She hated them because she did not have a reason to go anywhere in a long dress.

Why did these women have to put on such an overblown event? Did they really know what high tea was all about? High tea was supposed to be a bit of sustenance to carry people from supper to dinner, not a fancy dress extravaganza!