Stealth Blog: What Hot Mess Is This Now?

The country is unsettled. The world is even more so.  But there is the good, the bad and the ugly, not just the negative.

The young folk are not all high, lazy or stupid.  They own the underground economy. They own the new media. They hustle. They invent. They create. They express themselves in 140 characters or less. They will be our future and they will speak their own minds about our past.

Government is being attacked on an unprecedented and mindless  scale by the so called “Tea Party”. For every corrupted and useless government official, there are a thousand workers who make sure that the money gets into the bank, that the roads are maintained, and that the medical care gets delivered.

For every dysfunctional man, woman, or mental illness  in Congress, there are two million public servants who are passionate and serious about our parks, our food, our environment, our veterans, our elderly and poor, our educations, our trips into space and our safety.

We are mixed race and we are of mixed opinion about race, even when we talk about our own races.

We are of mixed nationality and we are of mixed opinion about immigration and opportunity for the wretched, huddled masses from other nations.  We now have vastly more of our own wretched, huddled masses these days and our treasury has been looted. We wonder if we can afford to take in more, let alone adopt the “superior” cultures, religions and political beliefs that they fled from.

We are degenerate drug addicts, sociopaths, psychopaths, gamblers and self destructive hedonists; or  we are the parents, siblings, spouses, employers, victims, neighbors and friends of  such people.

We are incredible scientists, artists, creators and builders. We are brilliant musicians, dancers, actors and chefs de cuisine. We are in space. We are deep beneath the oceans. We care about the health of our planet and the health of all life that dwells here.

We are the humanitarians of the world. We will fly through the dark of night to help a mortal enemy when disaster falls. We come from all places in the world and we travel to all places in the world. We do not need to memorize trivia about every nation in the world in order to know plenty about the  many nations in the world.

We want our law enforcement, our safe food and water, our worker’s rights and protections, our educations, our universal emergency medical care and our roads. But we cannot make the connection between our tax bills and those very important services.

We want our corporations, but we never expected our corporations to take over our government with only one goal in mind: profit and enrichment of the investors in an unregulated and liability free marketplace. .

We want the money that was looted from our national treasury restored, but do not want criminal investigations, justice, or taxes to bear down on the very same people who looted the national treasury.

We want our reputation in the world and in the world’s markets restored, but do not want criminal investigations, justice, or fines to bear down on the very same people who destroyed all of those things.

We need to stop fretting about what the world thinks of us. We need to let the world start fending for itself while we rebuild our country.

We have had our hearts broken by the most horrific military attack in a while. We mourn and pray for the souls of the lost soldiers. We give our condolences to their families. We demand that they come home, but many of them prefer the chaos of war and will volunteer again and again to put their lives on our line.

And this is why we have stealth blogs.