Breaking News: Where To Find The Palin E-Mails

We can all face it. Sarah Palin is a star. She is not much else than a star, having quit her job as Governor of Alaska and having latched on to a lucrative meal ticket from a minority of Americans who live on the right edge of politics.

Her audience would not hesitiate to go right over the cliff of American politics. The so called “Tea Party” thrives on the extremist fringe of society, gaining hope from plans so destructive, self serving and evil that, one day, they will find out just how small a minority they are.

Today, a milestone was reached with the release of thousands of E-Mails that were sent during Palin’s truncated term as Governor of Alaska.

Many news organizations exploited Alaska’s laws that govern freedom of information when they requested the E-mails. Alaska, in turn, exploited the state’s right to choose paper rather than far more manageable electronic media as the method of delivery.

As a result, 24,000 pages of mail are being released to several news agencies, including the CNN and FOX news networks and the UK Guardian. These news agencies are surely putting on extra effort and staff to pore through the pages and to release the pages to the internet.

The ultimate goal of major news agencies is to enlist the public as a massive set of eyes that will scour through the documents in order to harvest exciting content.




The New York Times has already created a web page where each and every e-mail, with some redactions, can be scrutinized by the public.

The Guardian UK has a live feed of selected goods.

There is already spin control and speculation that the Palin e-mails will provide neither a bounteous harvest of smoking guns nor revelations of activity so heinous that Palin’s nebulous careerism and shameless opportunism will come to an end.

Worse, Palin could probably be caught red handed, yet push on with such force of will that any problems would just go away.