MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Bitch Slaps “Crazy” Orly Taitz

It is rare to watch a veteran newscaster pushed so far over his limit that that he screams, veins popping, at a crazy guest who has completely misled him in order to get on the show.

It is even rarer to see that crazy guest thrown out of the studio!

But Lawrence O’Donnell is “The Man” today in many a Tweet. He did it: he threw Orly Taitz off of his show and ended the show. 

Last night, Taitz promised to appear on O’Donnell’s show and to account for her lies about President Obama’s long form birth certificate.

After begging for the long form for two and a half years, Taitz promised to talk about the issue. 

Insead, Taitz waved a paper around, started talking and would not shut up.

As she demanded closeups on a fake selective service form (carefully covering a signature with her thumb), Taitz started yelling about a new fake scandal.

O’Donnell attempted several times to get Taitz to do as she had  promised to in order to get on the show, but Taitz would not get herself under control and she would not shut up.

So, with the words “Get her out of here!”, O’Donnell bitch slapped the out of control Taitz off of his show and off of television screens across America. 

Here is the full moment.