Happy Sunday; Happy Easter; Jungleburbia IV

Please Listen to the music and read and savor slowly for the full experience.

I took a walk today in Jungleburbia

I live in Jungleburbia

Where the landscape is lush

And after years is mature

But now it makes me want to cry

From joy over this Eden outside my door.



I never expected to live

In Jungleburbia

A place with nice pathways

And golden sun or cheerful gloom

But in the Spring things happen in this Eden

And every year they happen better

So beautiful, I just have to cry


I think that no one knew

About Jungleburbia

When planting plant after tree

When money flowed like water

There was just exuberance and joy

And too much was not enough

Here, the lilies of the field do not spin 

Nor do they toil


Yet they serve to give us

Beautiful late days 

And they serve to make us forget

Our losses, our pains, our sadness

They serve by being

And they fill us when we mistakenly think

That much is gone and that this is not home.


And even the newest life gives a reminder

 To appreciate the simple things

The wondrous things


Like us,

Are no accident

Or pointless


Expectation of life

Or automatic nature


Thank you, Jesus