Note: Stay with me, because this is flash fiction and I haven’t read the “rules” for flash fiction yet. This is a message to the Tea Party and to Republicans, who seem to think that they are exempt from consequences and who have become destructive.


The Cycle of Beauty, Betrayal and Death


She walked in beauty, all day and all night long. She could not even glance at her reflection by accident without being forced to acknowledge that her figure, her face and her clothes were beautiful.

She never saw the underside of a car. She never saw a dank or scummy utility room. She never saw a dead body that was not wearing a ten thousand dollar suit and nested in a satin lined and very expensive coffin.

Heaven forbid that she should ever lay her eyes upon a roach, rodent or road kill.



She never paid attention to the ugly work that her husband did, except to smile while she stood next to him and silently confirmed his political opinions.

She never allowed a hair to leave its proper place or a skirt to flap irresponsibly when her husband’s controversial and increasingly extremist leanings attracted the hordes of journalists and paparazzi.

She refused to take her neighbor’s calls or respond to their pleas for help when the authorities started to clean out the liberals and the lefties. She despised liberals and lefties, anyway. They always made life difficult and spoke on weak and conditional terms.

Her home was a wonderland of silk Dupioni and decorator’s dreams. She was perpetually spared the sight of a dust ball or the task of changing a diaper. A thousand dollars for a child’s outfit or twenty five thousand for a shopping spree were her expectations and were not the rights or privileges that lesser people screamed about.

She ate beautiful food in beautiful restaurants, accompanied by beautiful friends, beautiful children or acquaintances who, if not beautiful, exuded a curious beauty of delusion that only the rich and powerful can get away with.

To her, “nature” was a yacht tour of the open sea. Natural settings were exquisitely unnatural and perfectly manicured lawns and gardens. Natural activity was confined to state of the art and exclusive golf courses or the latest clay or acrylic tennis courts.






Her guarantee of never ending beauty lasted until she developed a longing for a bond with another human being and the wrong human being presented himself.

When she started her affair, she opened her eyes and gazed, for the first time, upon the dirt and suffering and despair of the world of humans and nature. She did not become addicted to sex becaue sex was not her motivation or ultimate desire.

Spending time with someone who looked her in the eye and who touched her was the issue.

But her neighbors had been, for weeks, living in the open. They huddled in football stadiums and basketball arenas. After firm and painful convincing, her neighbors decided to “help” the authorities by “refreshing their recollections” about others who were involved with their “crimes.”

Her neighbor’s convenient recollections gave them their convenient revenge and shared some with her husband.  In one singular and ugly incident, she was unceremoniously and rudely snatched off the sidewalk, right in front of Neiman Marcus. Then she was disappeared by the authorities.

Her husband carried on as if he had no regrets, but soon was unable to offer help even if he had wanted to help. Not much time passed before he was also rounded up in convenient acts of revenge by his own large aggregation of betrayed friends, crooked competitors,  and heartless enemies.

She did not live for much longer. Several of her former neighbors found her and killed her in a bloody session that left not much of her or her beauty.

Now she is only flesh, returned to the muck and dust from whence she came, and nothing about her current process or her particular world of nature is beautiful.