How Americans lost Their Voices and What is Likely to Happen.

The citizens are talking, that’s for sure. But what have we said? With the health care reform debacle as an example, many of us clearly said that we would just like to see a doctor and have help paying a bill that is not bloated in order to give the health industry insane profits.

From another perspective, many of us were perfectly happy with our Health Maintenance Organizations and health plans, were secure in our jobs or retirements, and had no desire for nationalized health care for anyone else.

Stuck in the middle were those who are not sure about their jobs. Now, people worry more than ever about what will happen to them if they lose their employer subsidized health care plans, employment laws, and union benefits.


The media is corrupted in most cases. In two studies, Media Matters has found that TV news networks have repeatedly given considerably more attention to perceived setbacks to progressive health care reform efforts than to events that signal progress for those efforts.”

We listened to the mainstream media during the health care debates. It was not difficult to find out that we are actually listening to a mechanism for delivering manipulative  sales pitches from the well-financed extreme right and corporatist sides of the issue.  To this day, the code words “Obama Care” do not refer to a substandard government program, they speak to  extremist political entities who want to get rid of a president because of his race.

Many similarly coded expressions  speak to corporate interests that are definitely working against the public interests.

Committed health care reform advocates are still barely allowed to talk to us about the financial feeding frenzy that is going on in the medical industries.  When the topic comes up, there is usually a well-trained, interrupting, out-talking media operative who gets help from the moderator in having the final word. And the final word is usually a predetermined set of talking points for a given topic.

More frequently, we hear from politicians who seek to further their political and personal agendas by pretending to carry out their campaign promises. The tactic is to keep promising as little as possible while attacking as viciously as possible.

Such deception has created an irrational mindset that develops when there is consistent dishonesty, especially when people have gotten themselves into positions where they must either perform or be exposed and deposed.

Most frequently, extremist Right Wing and corporate elements are allowed to throw whatever spanner into the works that they can, wherever they can, no matter how irrational or silly they are being.  Still, their attention seeking antics dominate the airwaves and Internet. They are prepared to restart their deceptive and distracting engines whenever any major issue comes up.

In summary, the mainstream media, in increasingly obvious cooperation with the corporate elites and sensational fringe elements is being heard all day every day.

One part-time news network and a cable comedy show is all there is to present the opposing viewpoints or the truth.

How can the average citizens be heard? Anyone may use their voices with e-mail, phone, or by writing to Congress and the White House. These days it is easy to address our concerns and to send them to our political parties, organizations, clubs, groups, local newspapers and national journals.


We are also easily drowned out by lobbying and by the acts of political operatives. One effective lobbying or political operation can counter the will of the vast majority of us.  Look at the power that the National Rifle Association and the private prison industry has to change our laws, in spite of being vastly outvoted by the public.  One well-financed and media savvy organization can overrule and fool tens of millions of us.

Harmful lobbying groups, corporations and private organizations are now more effective in thwarting the will of the people. The people have been ineffective in enforcing their will through their votes whenever they are discouraged or prevented from voting.

An Open Secrets article identifies some surprisingly powerful lobbying entities that are involved in the health care reform battles. The CATO Institute, founded by the Koch brothers is a huge and meddlesome entity that needs to be constantly examined,  investigated and exposed.

There are thousands more secretive and powerful groups that are pulling strings, operating in secret and doing great damage.


Privatization is a great and destructive scam on the nation. The absolute corruption and deception associated with privatization have never been fully revealed. Many right wing groups work hard  to hand over government functions and assets for the enrichment of the few.

Most Americans know this, having seen the corruption in their local power, sewage, lighting, and economic development districts, but feel powerless to prevent even more looting of our treasury and trust.

The truth is that privatization actually keeps the government liable, while enriching the privileged private few. The nuclear power industry is “private” and  has only $12 billion in liability. The taxpayer and the US government are liable for the rest in the event of a nuclear disaster, as just one example of the huge pile of buried and invisible national liability.

Absolute lies and false statements like “less government” have been given vastly more attention in advertising, on the Internet, and in the mainstream media. Facts and realities that counter the false statements are either drowned out or not reported. There is only less visible and involved government, but there is not less liability.


The Supreme Court is partially corrupted. In military standards, the “slightest hint of  corruption” is enough to cause a commissioned officer to be removed from a position. If this standard would be applied to the highest court in the land, justices Scalia and Thomas would be censured, if not impeached because of their, decisions, their  participation in extremist political functions, and their potential conflicts of interest.


If the corporation is an individual, then that individual is psychotic, and should be locked up and put under psychiatric care.


As far as the always  growing size and number of public protests, it only takes a small group of fake “Anarchists” to turn a peaceful demonstration into a riot and to invite brutal suppression. If these fake and real “Anarchists” are promptly rounded up and removed or turned over, then larger, louder and more persistent protest will become our only real outlet for being heard.


We have strongly expressed our demands for health care reform, jobs, union bargaining rights, the restoration of looted funds to our treasury, regulation of deregulated and rogue industry,  and a host of other issues. There is much polarization, but if those who are the loudest and most present are actually counted, they show up as a small minority of us. Without a balance or a showing by those who are concerned about centralized and not extremist issues, the loud and freakish minority will prevail. The shriekers and the shrillers will definitely get their way.

Our powerful statesmen, satirists,  and eloquent speakers are absent or have  been replaced by inarticulate elitists, comedians who refuse to take responsibility for anything but making jokes, or by functionally inarticulate ivory tower academics and ineffective political insiders.  Our inputs are splintered. They trickle in and are buried under mounds of useless content and spam. Or, our utterances are carefully censored so as not to offend the advertisers.

In the end, greedy and powerful interests  easily cancel our citizen’s imperatives and drown out our tiny voices. Today, the powerful and the noisy travel deep into the territory of fascism, racism, elitist greed, power mongering and mental instability.


The silencing and disenfranchisement of the masses works in conjunction with acts of  perception management. Perception Management began as a military program for getting large populations to believe in what they are hearing.

Now the same tactics and principles are being used for everything from hawking political schemes to hawking products.

In the most sinister form, perception management is being used to fool the masses for the financial and political gain of a few at the expense of the many.

Persistent false advertising, influence peddling, lies, deception and canned news is the norm these days. A recursive effect happens where most people eventually come to believe the lies.  Bombarded by thousands of persistent and obvious deceptions, rumors and falsehoods, far too many people will vote and act based on what they hear and they will not think for themselves.

In the end, we are being talked at and lied to vastly more than we are getting the truth or are being heard.  We are acting on the lies and deception that we hear far more than we are acting based on truthful information.

These are the times when a democratic nation that has already walked itself into disaster is very close to walking itself into its own destruction.

It will only take one charismatic and convincing monster, backed by corrupted followers, courts, congresses, communications and corporations to force us to follow as we enter the process of our final demise.