Happy Sunday

It is a disturbing day. In looking for the story of Jesus that leads up to the time of Lent and Easter, there are so many conflicting tales, calls to abandon, insults, ridicule and false claims that it is hard to do any thing but



Marvin Gaye    —  “His Eye Is On The Sparrow”


And hear the truth in its purest form with no embellishment, no twists and no confusions: He died for our sins.

Lauryn Hill


 His eye is on the sparrow.

 I know.

He watches me.


One thought on “Happy Sunday

  1. I always feel so sad for those who have been caught up in the nonsense of religion.
    I weep for you my dear sister.
    I cannot bring the light to you – you alone can seek it out and judge it for worthiness.
    You alone have your mind.

    “May the joy of reason light your path always”

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