Happy Sunday




The stages of grief we will walk onto and act the ways we do

We will say “no. no.” and try to deny the events away

We will with glassy eyes and lethargic affect look away

And make vague gestures with suddenly atrophied hands and arms


The stages of grief have a plot and a plan with marks for us to hit

As we confront the chaos and the immeasurable suffering

We will be tempted to strong drink, heavy work or powerful drugs

We will be washed over with fear and self recrimination


The bottles of our emotions burst open and splash the stages of grief

We range around and assign the blame we rage and blame the sources

We will question the fates and cry out to the fates questioning why

We will try to bargain with God for restoration of our loved ones




We realize the way too grand size of the stage for our actions in grief

It is too large for the likes of us and it is  too empty to fathom now

We turn inside and stay inside, resisting the futile calls to “GO!” and “DO!”

These are the scenes of no hope, of despair, of reflection upon things of the past


Then doors open for us and the curtains, the massive curtains do rise

Light flows, then floods our stage and washes over scenes of peace and calm

There is less pressure to bow our shoulders and to weigh down our backs and arms

These are the scenes of looking, but not quite yet reaching for the sky


We begin the work of stagecraft on the empty floorboards and make our plans

To conquer life in flashier sword fights of possibility and in ways that we find to do

We confront the empty corners, the darkened corners get grand splashes of light

We work the scenes with fewer actors but with more power and resolve to fill their roles with love


We now and again, then more frequently make way toward playing the scenes

There is less wrenching loss and pain, it looks as if the play will sell out for a long time to come

It looks as if there will again be laughter, there will again be dancing, there will again be joy

It looks as if there will again be laughter, there will again be dancing, there will again be joy





2 thoughts on “Happy Sunday

    • I thought that it would be good to do this on Happy Sunday after the Arizona shootings. It helps people to know that it does get better!
      Thanks, Larry

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