A dusty road gives lessons of perspective

Vanishing in the distance to a point

A lazy propeller makes a droning buzz

A grumble of bees join in the symphony

A joy of peaches making noisy visions

Galleries filled with colors of their own

Ripe and sweet and full of sugar only peaches make

Textured as only peaches can compose

Water flows over rocks the size of cars

Calls us to dance in three dimensions

A hypnotizing force the cool clear water is

Fish splash sounds the dunking drums



In Spring we made our strings from weeds

In Summer we stripped dried oats for grace notes

In Fall we wrote with burning twigs and leaves

In Winter we saw the banshee ride the clouds




And now we look for signs in concrete places

Hearts ache for dusty humming buzzing roads

We long for dunking fish and cool clear  water

And try to dance in three dimensions as we did

True, that there is only one place in the world

For each and every aching heart that will serve

To fit and fill those custom made heart spaces

Created by lost childhood

Lost and gone in time