Happy Sunday: When Was Jesus Born and Why December?

We are pressured to say “Happy Holidaze”

Not Merry Merry Christmas

We are sensitive to Hannakuh and Ramadan

But we celebrate symbolic birth of Jesus

We who are Christians

Be not afraid

Be not embarrased

Do not hide


And when was Jesus born?

There were feasts of tabernacles

And the course of Abijah

And the conception of John

Our Earlier Baptist

And the sixth month of Elisabeth’s pregnancy

And the conclusion

That September

Maybe October

Was the time

To celebrate the Birth of Jesus


Now we celebrate

A most important holy day

That eclipses even the change of year

In December, the start of Winter

With the shortest days

And longest love

And family time spent together

Be not afraid

And celebrate with joy

Sometime around AD 440

To get rid of  Saturnalia

To stop those Roman Pagans

December 25 was set as the day

And remains the day

And will be the day.

Be not afraid

To celebrate with faith


We complain of greed

And material excess

Of losing connection to the meaning

But Christmas is

And Christmas was

And Christmas will be

Always for Christians.

Be not afraid.


Be not afraid

Be not misled

Be not overwhelmed

Be not distracted

Remember why

Do not worry about when

And celebrate his glory.


“A son is given

And the government shall be upon his shoulders

And his name shall be called



The Mighty God

The everlasting Father

The  Prince of Peace”


Handel’s Messiah, “For Unto Us A Child Is Born”





Handel’s Messiah, “Glory To God In The Highest”






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    • I have no clue about the Muslim Viewpoint! This is your job, and I wish that you would do it. I do know that many Muslims revere Jesus as a great prophet, the it is up to you to tell us your viewpoint, so that we’ll know!

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