Breaking News!Angry Birds Detente: Evil Pig/Bird Resolution! You Think?

This is for Angry Birds addicts who will be suprised, even freaked out to know that the Birds and the Evil Pigs sat down to reach a resolution.

The following video was done by Erez Nehederet, a joker who did the original in Hebrew. Some US viewers translated the doings into an English language version, making it possible for all of us to have a human’s eye view of the attempts to end the internecine and horrible destruction that the ongoing war (and terrible Halloween campaign) have wrought.

Enjoy a rare look into Bird/Evil Pig diplomacy at the highest level, with a bit of the highest language, so watch out for the kiddies.



2 thoughts on “Breaking News!Angry Birds Detente: Evil Pig/Bird Resolution! You Think?

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