Happy Sunday

We think that we are successful

When we use bland statements

To express bland dismay

At the hate, the racism, the rage, the lies

Just how do we defend ourselves,

Our country,

Our families,

Our neighbors,

Our peace?

Will we do that through prayer

Through faith

Through love

Through kindness?

Will we let the angels fight the mighty battles?

While we say nothing

Do nothing

Or act as nothing

While claiming,

then insisting

that we said and did it all?

Or will we be the warriors against evil

against wrong

and speak our true hearts

and speak our true minds

refusing to follow down wrong paths

never calling them dark paths

dark deeds

dark words

dark behaviors

And offending dark peoples in the process

Blaming them for what we do

And for what we have become

Instead, will be begin

to call  wrongs what they truly are?


We live in the type of  times

Where saying plenty

While saying nothing at all

In order to save ourselves

Or to breed false peace

Has never saved a life, a nation,

or a soul.


Will we be sound enough

In faith enough

Right enough

Strong enough

Good enough

To stop blaming dark

To stop condoning by silence

To stop supporting

With the weakest of words?


Will we do

and live

and bless

and excuse

our wrongs?

Or will we stop the evil

Before it gets too far along?