Happy Sunday

Do not be discouraged

Look up, look up at the sky

Do not be distracted

Look around, look around at the trees

Do not be dismayed

Look at the water and see the persistence of its moves

Do not be disheartened

Look closely at the soil and see how the rocks are still shaped as they always are

Do not be dissuaded from your goals

Look at your skin, your veins, your eyes.

Nothing  is made like this world

Nothing is made like us in our genius

Nothing is made like all of this together

We are not random

We are not destined to be wronged

We are tested no more than we can bear

Look at the mustard seed

And even faith as small as that

Can stop all forces that set out to discourage us

That try to change us into engines of our own decline

Look up

Look down

Look around

Look at us