Happy Sunday

Today is a day for making a joyful noise

A joyful noise that reaches wide and far

That reaches to the heavens

That reaches around and hugs the world

Make a joyful noise

That abandons all lies

Make a joyful telling of the truth

That abandons all hate

Make a joyful expresson of love

That celebrates

Let no oppressor tell the oppressed

How to make their joyful noise

Let no rule maker

Who is only man

Make a rule

That our praise cannot be joyful

And filled with us

With our own way

Of giving praise

Of giving joy

Let no rule take out the joy

Today is a day

For filling the air

With praise and joy

And gratitude

To Jesus

To God

Make a joyful noise


FLAME feat. Lecrae & John Reilly

“Joyful Noise”


Rhema Ministries