Happy Sunday

By Xenonlit





We need to serve in times disaster

We want to serve in times of wrong

We want to serve in times so evil

We want to get to right that fixes

We want to stop the hate and lies

That satisfy our wrong desires


Please let us do the good and right things

Even if they are not easy

And when our profit is not gained

And time is not just for our own


Please let us stop the evil

Please let us block the evil

Even if it stops a lover

Even if it blocks a loved one


Please let us lift a finger

Please let us lift an arm

Even if it pulls a muscle

Even if it hurts a while


Let us stop the look away

Let us stop the covered ear

Let us stop the froze demeanor

Let us stop the i don’t care


Please show a way to do these

Please make a way to do these

Caring acts so sacrificial

Helping acts so unrewarding


Or we will go our way

Or we will go away


Please let us show some better mind

Please let us show some care for others

Even if we leave our comforts

Even if we leave our homes

Even if we enter danger

Even if we give up ours


Or we ourselves will need some mercy

Or we ourselves will go away