Feminism Will Never Go Out Of Style

As long as there is mysogyny and oppression of women, there will be feminism. As long as there are religions that push false beliefs that women are the source of all of mankind’s problems, there will be feminism.

As long as men and women believe that men are the owners and women are some form of chattel, there will be feminism. As long as there are no round dining tables in a home, there will be issues of feminism and the woman’s role in the world.

Women have contributed to the oppression of women and men have contributed to the oppression of men. Both have contributed to the changes that put us where we are today: far from the end goal.

Feminism will never be outdated because being a woman and being different than men will never be outdated. We worked hard for our freedoms and opportunities and we know that much more needs to be done.We know of too many situations where the men in societies have lost their minds, have arrogantly abandoned their servitude to the will of God or Allah, and have become monsters.

Feminism will never be outdated as long as women and young girls can be buried in the dirt and then suffer as their oldest sons or fathers are allowed to throw the first rock at their heads with the self indulgence of killing them with uncontrolled rage and hatred.

Feminism will never be outdated as long as women can be snatched off of the streets in broad daylight and taken to be tortured, raped, murdered and then thrown away like garbage.

Feminism will never be outdated as long as churches and temples turn a blind eye to the molestation of children or to women’s abuse by their husbands and even their own children.

Religious mythology and false belief has been a major driving force behind creating the conditions that call for feminism and will guarantee that feminism continues into perpetuity.

As long as parents teach their girls that they will be far more successful in life and will gain more approval by playing dumb, by obsessing over their physical appearance, and by becoming shallow and vain creatures who cannot make their own accomplishments and decisions in life, then feminism will be standing by, ready to help if welfare, medical care, safe houses, legal help and better working conditions are needed.

Feminism has helped men who used to insult their wives by calling them the “old ball an’ chain”. Feminism has helped them by allowing their wives to become more educated, wise, proactive, efficient, productive, independent, attractive, interesting, desireable, physically fit and resourceful contributors both to the estate, the income and to the household.

Feminism has actually enhanced the rights of fathers and husbands by giving them more fairness and equity in divorce and child custody disputes.

Feminism has aided those men who did not want to volunteer to serve their country or community. Feminism has cemented the role of special American women as formidable and accomplished soldiers, police, prosecutors, judges, doctors, nurses, mothers, wives and veterans who have protected everyone at great risk to their own futures and lives.

Feminism has created female heroes who fight monsters of all types.

It only takes a glimpse at societies where women are held in oppressive and monstrously abusive conditions to know how terrible the quality of life is for everyone when there is no feminist movement to enhance their protections, rights, freedoms and opportunities in life.

Those are societies where sociopathy, psychopathy and evil have gone wild.

Feminism will be as lasting as discordance between the genders.


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