Happy Sunday


In times of unsettling events, we forget about you, God

Then we remember You

We implore You

We question You

We decide that You have yes no maybe for an answer

We pray for those who are suffering

When we remember to think about them

We pray against our attackers

We promise to be better

We ask for the sun the stars the moon

And we find a place of sustenance

And we find a place of conflict

And our faith is tested

And after a time

We find a place of resolution

We seek peace in times of war

We seek war in times of tension

We seek love in times of hate

We seek help with not hating

We ask to serve

We promise to serve

We try to serve

And all gets well or to a better place

And we rest sometime

When we can

Bless the children

Bless the suffering

Bless the lost

Bless the dying

Bless the worried

Help us all and one

And give us strength

And give us wisdom

And give us love