Happy Sunday Happy Easter!

This is a day for celebrating Jesus, who lived, died, and lives again. He suffered terribly so that we could be done with our propensity for sinning and sinning some more.

That means that we must not just go out and get buck wild, have tea party levels of hate for our fellow man or indulge ourselves in self indulging indulgence.

It means that we had a reset button on our ability to live our lives in a way that enhances, serves and pleases God.

That is my simple minded understanding.

For a far, far better lesson, http://open.salon.com/blog/monte_canfield  is the one to read. He writes in a way that bring us all to a higher level of understanding. No matter what it is that we believe, we can understand.

Happy Easter to all and thank God for Jesus and thank Jesus for his sacrifice.


Here is some great Easter music to enjoy!

Ron Kenoly “He Is Alive”