Sarcasm 101

I’ve been called sarcastic many a time. Being called sarcastic is a great honor and tells more about the name caller than the subject. And not in a nice way.  

In fact, if I have to be called a sarcast, I will spread the joy and give lessons.

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The origins of sarcasm are ancient. The great Greek stand up comic, Sardinicous Vaginicus first said that Henny Youngman hipped him to sarcasm, or was it Joan Rivers?

 It means to say something different than what is meant. What is meant is something that the speaker or writer would love to say, but cannot, because society would frown on accepting the truth of a matter. But society is a lying sack of…

But I digress.

First, sarcasm is like the water that springs forth from the loins of the Earth. It is wet, heavy, and can drown the enemy if produced in enough quantity.

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Second, sarcasm is like the flat edge of the knife, which can leave an indelible impression on the self-important and oblivious.

 Third, sarcasm is like the Scirroco. It blasts across the vast desertification of verbiage and weathers the most self indulgent of over done speeches and writings that are created by mankind.

Sarcasm eventually sends the chaff and other lightweight material away, leaving behind the microsocpic origins of thought.

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Fourth, sarcasm is the gut buster. This form causes involuntary contractions of diaphraghm and lungs, forcing   the humor-deprived to express something other than overbearing and unkowledgeable judgement of a world that they can only view from the wrong end of the social microscope.

 Fifth, sarcasm is the twisted look at what is not quite right in itself. In that sense, sarcasm takes the already twisted and twists it true in form and function.

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Sixth, sarcasm is the kindest form of correction. It is the less aggressive way of expressing criticism, doubt or profound disagreement. It is the truth, sent directly to the hearing apparatus of those who do not listen.

Sarcasm is effective with the human brick wall that has no eyes and ears, but only a mouth.

Seventh, sarcasm is   [!]   or    ¡     , which is something that Wikipedia claims is the temerete slaq. Feel free to copy and paste it when a sarcasm attack comes on.

So now the term “sarcasm” should be better understood.

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Next lesson: Irony

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