Taylor Swift Cannot Sing Well: Free Kanye!!!

Taylor Swift may be the idol for a quantity of immature and underaged White kids, but she has no business winning awards for her completely incompetent performances.

The Jonas Bros did a better Grammy performance than that girl. Tiny Tim, Weird Al Yankovich and William Shatner deserve more Grammys than Taylor Swift.

After two years with a vocal coach, the girl has no breath control, no pitch, appears to be faking with that stupid guitar, and has a terrible vocal quality.

The Grammy Corporation must have decided that it was an individual in order to cast one HUGE vote in order to keep her miserable career as a fake musician going and the money flowing.

That girl sings like a buzzard on crack.

The girl sounds like she should be singing in a ship’s lounge: a tramp steamer on the way to Kowloon with a shipment of recalled Toyotas.

It is a great disrespect to the truly gifted and hard working musicians, (Carrie Underwood) who know how to make some doggone music.

Thanks for letting me rant.   


Taylor Swift

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 Taylor Swift Singing


4 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Cannot Sing Well: Free Kanye!!!

  1. I am not the biggest fan for Taylor but I cannot agree with your rant. Her performance on the night was bad i must agree but she does deliver great hits. Give her her props 🙂

    • Absolutely no, she will get no breaks from me. She is an injustice to those who can perform day and night, week after week, no matter what the venue or how little time they’ve had to prepare. I think that she will be a flash in the pan. The sooner, the better.

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