Disabled Veterans and the Hype

There’s a serious disconnect when it comes to compensating disabled veterans, and it’s based on a downright silly and shallow attitude.  This is not an issue for a Madison Avenue, reality television, or Hollywood approach.

For every one of those “action figures”, there are thousands of support personnel who are exposed to everything from nasty chemicals, to explosives and radiation of every type. We get exposed to industrial, law enforcement and emergency response environments that you wouldn’t believe existed. Then there’s  outright medical malpractice. 

 We aren’t allowed to sue for medical malpractice.  Even when amputation and/or permanent disability is the result.

There is no “worker’s compensation”, and forget going to court with a complaint.

As a result, a lot of us are broken, bent, suffering from bad medical decisions, poisoned, cracked up and otherwise made far less than whole, forever.  And these damages are all related to being in service while nowhere near a combat theatre.  

I am sick and tired of those “action photos” that don’t identify and respect the masses of dedicated, brave and hardworking soldiers who do the training, get the supplies, handle the paychecks, take care of the families, maintain the vehicles  and make everything functional and safe. We take care of the fuel,  the force, the things that boom and the facilities. 

 We do the planning, work in hazardous environments, solve all the difficulties and bash through all of the roadblocks. We live in and travel to places all across this planet and we put ourselves out there in the same dangerous world that the rest of you would live in if your employer made you and your family live and work in Minot ND or Saudi Arabia.

So when we talk about the “combat soldiers” returning from hazardous duty, rest assured that they are entitled to the best and they’re entitled to it always.

But watch out.  Even hinting that non combat soldiers are less entitled, less worthy, and less important, because were less interesting, leads down a steep and stinky slope when it comes to Veteran’s Disability Compensation and Pension.


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