Congress As An Individual: Part One: Birth, Love and Marriage

 Congress decided that The Corporation should have the rights of an individual. So, from the corrupted and vile womb of misguided and evil government intent, the entity called “Corporation As An Individual” sproinged forth, a fully entitled White Adult Male American Citizen!

But there was a problem!

Corporation was quite mentally ill.

Psychotic, in fact!


Corporation decided to explore the dating scene and got the permission to lobby girl after girl after girl!  This was a heady time for his fellows, too, and scores of corporations dated and dated and dated!  And they got what they paid for every time!

But that was not enough for Corporation. He had to have more love, without the pretending to listen or care. Corporation wanted to go straight to the business!  He went to the sleazy, dark side of the dating spectrum, sinking ever lower into the depths of depravity.


But Corporation was not satisfied. Corporation wanted it on call, whenever he felt like it or needed something done for him.  He needed someone who would serve him and love him and take care of him in his old age.

That left only one thing to do: A call to the Supreme Court, a wholly owned subsidiary of the world’s Fascist and Totalitarian interests!  The Supremes would help!  After all, they managed to help to steal a presidential election!

And so, our story happily ends with the Supreme Court Ruling that authorized…..


Marriage Between the Corporation as Individual, and Congress!!!!!!


But when they went on their honeymoon, the American People were the ones who got screwed!