Inside Jobs: Is There Hope of Airline Security?

Now let me get this straight. Slovakian officials did a test of airport security. They put real bomb making material in 9 pieces of unsuspecting passengers luggage in order to test their system. The passengers had no clue that this was done, and 8 pieces of luggage were handled properly. The material was detected and removed.

In one case, 90 grams (3 ounces) of real, but inert plastic explosive went through undetected.  The luggage went on with the unwitting passenger to Dublin and to his home in Dublin. The Irish airport does not check the luggage of incoming passengers, of course.

The passenger was treated to a raid of his home by Irish police three days later, after the Slovakian officials decided to tell the Irish about the missing explosive, which was inert RDX. Fortunately the RDX required some form of detonator for it to realize it’s explosive potential.

That is right. The Slovakians waited three days to notify the Irish authorities about the passenger, the ninth piece of luggage and the RDX.

But it goes on! The Irish police were told about the explosive but were still not told that the Slovakians put that material in the man’s bag or that they were going after an innocent and unknowing citizen. 

 As a result, the Irish authorities responded to the man’s home, considering him to be a terrorist until the Slovakians ‘fessed up.

The man was detained for several hours at the police station.  The apartment building that he lived in, along with several others, was evacuated and streets were shut down in Dublin.

That man could have been killed or otherwise abused, thanks to the knotheads at the Poprad-Tatry Airport in Central Slovakia. The affected airline company was Danube Wings.

Just another inside job in the world today. Christmas week, we had our own good old American assets failing to handle a slam dunk, complete with parent who reports multiple times that his brainwashed son is going to blow something up.

Zumalicious is now officially on a citizen watch for inside jobs, whether from stupidity or through the efforts of some who want people hysterical enough to vote them back into power.

Maybe Jesse Ventura will cover this and save the world.


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