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Now when I heard that Jessie Ventura, the former Governor of Minnesota, actor in kickass movies, and wrestling icon, was hosting a television show that is dedicated to detailed investigations of things that cause us to wake up and pay attention, I just had to DVR it.


Later, when the vast wasteland was full of unappealing dreck, I decided to watch Mr. Ventura’s efforts. Being the conspiracy loving clown that I am, I found that I was in for a surprise.  He actually covers intriguing conspiracies, looks sharp, and uses a lot of resources in doing the people’s work.

Photobucket  In the first episode, he tackles HARP, or the High Altitude Research Program.  Real rocket scientists in the early HARP era were doing such ridiculous things as executing the only near vertical firing off of 16 inch guns, and trying to microwave the atmosphere with a billion amplitudes of radio waves.

Get your tin foil and start shaping the helmets now, because this stuff is scare—eee!

The latest iteration of HARP is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Oh, boy. Jessie managed to get into a helicopter and fly over the Alaskan nowhere to find a mundane looking array of antennas that are designed to introduce massive amounts of power into the ionosphere to literally heat the sucker up.

Photobucket   Oh my. That sounds dangerous. So Mr. Ventura proceeded to energize his snappy team of investigators, who include some bright looking journalists, researchers and professionals. I refuse to let the TruTV website take over me computer, so you have to introduce yourself to the background on those jokers. I surely can’t find background anywhere else, as all interviews are about Mr. Ventura, and most television articles look like they were written while the so-called “critic” was on the toilet, reading a press release about Mr. Ventura’s show.

 The actual HARP episode provides enough alarm to make us wonder why we want to have such a dangerous experiment going on. There are allegations that HARP frequencies, which can be directed anywhere, were used to temporarily disrupt and fry Iraqi brains in order to make the soldiers docile so that Bush could declare “Mission Accomplished”. Too much of that radio radiation, and a person gets very sick and disoriented. 

There is a theory that radio transmissions can be clearly “heard” without them going through the eardrums…but I don’t believe that anyone in Iraq was hearing any HARP generated verbiage. Otherwise, they would all be down at the Baptist minaret, getting it on with full gospel services, and laying down their weapons under direct orders from God.

Well, that’s what I’d do with it, anyway.


The cringeworthy moments involved Mr. Ventura trying to get into the HARP facillity by declaring himself to be a former governor and NAVY Seal!  What Chutpzah! Being a Vet doesn’t even get me any respect from Darth Doctor at the VA, so why does he think that he can get into top secret facilities that deny their top secretenousity?

Mr. Ventura also tends to rant when being interviewed, which does not enhance his credibility. He makes a good effort here, and needs to tone down the rhetoric elsewhere.

What did I get from the first episode? That HARP needs more public scrutiny. We don’t need ionosphere microwaving! But historically, there is guaranteed government sponsored scientific stupidity and mass destruction when there isn’t exposure, public scrutiny and public oversight. Plus, the truly whack conspiricists and nutcases go nuts and create hysteria when the truth can’t expose them for the mentally ill frauds that they are. The truth would simply set us free of mad crazy whack jobs.

 Photobucket    The next show involved the 911 conspiracy, the only really sinister news being that the government actually has the “Black Boxes”, or Flight Data Rcorders, from the aircraft that slammed into the World Trade Center. The Obama administration carries on with the lying and denying for some reason. It has been eight years, for goodness sake. Again, those black boxes and their data need to be released for public scrutiny. Allez!

I won’t get into the properties of thousands of pounds (not gallons) of commercial grade AVFuel, which has high kerosene fractions, but also contains a lot of anti conductivity additive, and what it can do. A test of the ability of the fuel, as opposed to a more intensely burning substance to destabilize the supporting beams and cause the towers to collapse was interesting, but inconclusive with me.

In summary, Jessie Ventura is quite the drama queen, but he does look smooth in that leather jacket and the tight tonsorial work. His conspiracy theories are worth a hearing for the nuggets of truth in the face of far too much of the secretive government and scientific action that spawns all kinds of alternative theories.  But, Ventura’s episodes actually lack the uncontrolled speculation of the tackier and more knotheaded conspiracy shows.


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